Illenium Releases Official Crawl Outta Love Music Video

| January 30, 2018

Music videos are a well-loved trend that bring back memories of the early 2000's and MTV. Back then, every song (and I mean every song) had an accompanying music video that usually told some sort of cliche story. Since then, music videos are no longer as wildly popular as they used to be, but they are still produced all over the music spectrum. The trend of music videos has never gained as much traction within EDM as it did within other genres of music, but now and then, DJs release music videos of some of their most popular and well loved tracks. 

This week, Colorado resident Nick Miller, better known as the melodic bass producer Illenium, released his first music video from his sophomore Awake album, which was lauded by the EDM world, melodic bass fan or not. Check out our review of Awake HERE. Illenium released the official music video for his track Crawl Outta Love, one of the Awake tracks that he dropped before the official album release in September. 

The video for Crawl Outta Love may look familiar to any Illenials who attended the Awake tour, the same visuals that are utilized in the video were used on tour when the track was played. In the true fashion of Awake, the music video for Crawl Outta Love is about more than just the music. Much like the album, which conveys a narrative about heartache, heartbreak and lost love, the music video tells a story.

The cinematic video follows a young woman and a hooded figure who walk through a series of stunning vistas shot by drone. Read on for the official press release of the 'Crawl Outta Love' music video. 

With over 15,000,000 streams across platforms, 'Crawl Outta Love' has been a fan favorite since its release in August of 2017. The video features a series of breathtaking drone shots and thematic elements fans will recognize from Miller's album and single artwork. Primarily set in a forest by the coast, the journey begins with a young girl and a hooded figure. While their relationship is never fully explained, their connection seems to highlight the challenges of navigating a toxic relationship. The somber tone of the track is perfectly captured through the mystical fog, serving as a visual and metaphorical representation of the multitude of difficulties involved in leaving behind someone of significant personal importance. Featuring the perfect mixture of gorgeous scenery and symbolism, the video thoroughly enhances the emotions evoked throughout the breakup ballad. 

The 'Crawl Outta Love' music video is absolutely phenomenal, make sure you check it out! Read our official interview with Illenium HEREStay up to date with more EDM News HERE. 


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