[INTERVEW] ACRAZE Talks New Single 'The Otherside', EDC LV Performance, + More

ACRAZE, EDC Las Vegas 2023, The Otherside
| June 02, 2023

House music sensation ACRAZE has strategically navigated his blossoming career in the two years following the release of his platinum record “Do It To It”. The multi-faceted artist has established himself as anything but a one-trick pony. He has effectively sustained and expanded his fan base through a series of global headlining tours, consistently charting releases, and Las Vegas residencies under nightlife syndicates TAO, Hakkasan, and Wynn.

iEDM had the pleasure of meeting with ACRAZE at EDC Las Vegas to discuss his recent single “The Otherside” featuring Paige Cavell, EDC set design, and how he collaborated with his team to quickly invest in production on-par with his leading counterparts.

Check out iEDM’s exclusive interview at EDC Las Vegas with ACRAZE below.

iEDM: In your words, your new single “The Otherside”, featuring Paige Cavell, “represents a celebration of personal growth and overcoming adversity”. In what ways have you grown personally alongside your massive career growth in the last 2 years?

ACRAZE: Years ago I used to make bass and trap music, and when I was doing that stuff I felt like I wasn't doing it for myself. For a while, it didn't feel like my identity. But after I put out “Do It To It”, I felt like I really started to blossom and be my true self without being pressured to make a certain type of music.

But that’s just one side of it. The other side is that I had an experience tripping for the first time in Canada and really felt one with the music. So the song is sort of a representation of the duality between music and reality.

iEDM: What was the process behind crafting the buildup in “The Otherside”? How did you utilize echoing and other effects to make this anthem more infectious?

ACRAZE: When I'm making music, I'm not thinking about a ton of shit, I’m just messing around and experimenting. I feel like you have to do the same thing in life – just experiment until you find something that feels good. Sometimes you make something crazy by accident, and that's how I made “Do It To It”.

I was just scrolling on Instagram one day and found someone playing with the original “Do It To It” sample and got inspired. So if I never woke up that day and went on Instagram at that time, I never would've made “Do It To It”.




iEDM: It has only been two years, and you have been touted as the fastest-growing dance music act. You released one of the largest house anthems of all time, achieved a Las Vegas residency, toured worldwide, and much more. How does it feel to experience this sort of explosive growth? Is it possible to become well-adjusted to your status in such a short amount of time?

ACRAZE: If somebody was in a high office such as the White House, and somebody gets eliminated, then someone else has to immediately step up into power. As a musician, you have a team that might be on standby for a while, but once you have a hit, everyone has to spring into action.

Before “Do It To It”, we were sort of planning what would happen if I had a hit. My team and agent were strategically planning what shows I would play, what looks we would get fashion-wise, and other factors that would have to be reevaluated.

I’m still so tired every single day, so you can't really become adjusted. But I love it so much that I can wake up after one hour of sleep ready to go. If you have a passion for something, you’ll do it no matter how you feel. iEDM: You are playing EDC LV again this year. Whether from a production or mixing standpoint, how have your sets changed since the last EDC?

ACRAZE: About 10–12 tracks out of 25 are new, so people won't be able to Shazam most of it. I always try to play weapons in my sets, and this time I want to test out new stuff and feel the energy. I like to experiment because I came from being experimental.

When I was designing this set, I wanted to go back to when I didn't really care what people thought. So I hope people don't show up to my set and expect me to play “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi because I'm not going to do it. I’m just going to play stuff that I’ve been making and IDs from my boys. We've also spent a crazy amount of time on new visuals, so I'm excited about that.

ACRAZE, EDC Las Vegas 2023, The Otherside

iEDM: You have had an extremely busy year. How do you manage to stay mentally and physically healthy throughout the chaos of touring?

ACRAZE: The two biggest things are staying fit and eating right, and that's pretty much it for me. I take a lot of CBD to help relieve stress, but you have to take care of your body and know your limits. You can’t be going out and destroying yourself every weekend, because it will end badly or with the realization that it's not sustainable.


iEDM: House music began in Chicago but has since expanded globally, especially in Miami, Los Angeles, Johannesburg, Ibiza, and Amsterdam. All of these cities have massively different cultures– but the same infatuation with this genre. Do you have a theory for the reason behind this? Will Chicago always be a home-base for house music?

ACRAZE: I definitely agree. I think Chicago will always be home because you really need to understand the underground. Places like Miami get it, but not like Chicago does. If the history is born there, no one else is really going to get it. Chicago knows what they're doing; they brought it to the scene, and they'll stick with it. Chicago’s the GOAT.

ACRAZE, EDC Las Vegas 2023, The Otherside

iEDM: Many DJs began their careers playing warehouse parties in the past. Do you believe there are still the same opportunities within the underground today, or has social media become the most important tool for artist growth?

ACRAZE: I've really started talking to my team about doing underground parties, like warehouses because there's a special energy behind it. You throw on your shades and just cook all night and vibe.

But social media is very big because technology is getting so crazy. You see examples of artists like Tale of Us and the visuals are insane. People want that emotional connection between the music and the visuals.

If you can really nail that on social media, people are going to be attracted to it. If you post something on social media, it also has the potential to spark something new or create a new trend. Both are big, in my opinion.


Photos courtesy of ACRAZE


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