[INTERVIEW] AVAION Discusses New Tour, "Broken", & Shares a Hopeful Message

| April 14, 2023

AVAION, a German songwriter and multi-instrumentalist obsessed with electronic sounds since age four, endured the challenging moments before earning the acclaim of 100 million streams solely for his melancholic yet bubbly single, "Pieces". As he maintains an intimate relationship with songwriting, AVAION's lyrics are based on his own experiences to provide a sense of courage for fans to face their own challenges. His latest track "Broken" reintroduces the introspective sonic space of self-awareness, vulnerability, and the determination to overcome the challenges we may never openly share. Sinking deeper into the ocean of AVAION, iEDM had the pleasure to inquire about his new tour and the inspiration behind "Broken"





Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with AVAION below.



iEDM: Your new tour begins this March and international tour dates are coming soon. Do you have a pre-performance or post-performance ritual? Can you list some of your tour essentials?

AVAION: Yes! I’m really excited and ready for the shows. When I travel, I always bring my own pillow with me. It’s a trick for the brain because it smells like home, so your brain thinks you are asleep in your own bed. 


iEDM: Your latest single, “Broken” demonstrates a great amount of vulnerability in its lyrics. For example, “Cause I’m the one/ I’m the one/ I’m the one who always cried”. What was the inspiration for this song and why do you state on Instagram this is your best release yet?

AVAION: I think it’s my best song yet because I put so much emotions in the production and lyrics and I think this time the combination of uplifting dance energy and melancholic vibes hit harder than ever.





iEDM: With that, you are transparent in showing your fans what seems to be your innermost thoughts and feelings through your music that relates to the overall human experience. Why is it important for you to be vulnerable and express yourself in this raw, beautifully emotional manner?

AVAION: We live in a society were showing emotions and being vulnerable is a sign of weakness. I want to change that. I want to make the world more mindfulness and aware of the feelings and expressions inside us all.



iEDM: Because it seems you express your innermost feelings in your art, do you ever feel nervous, hesitant or even intimidated to publish your music? If so, how do you overcome those feelings of trepidation?

AVAION: Yes, sometimes it’s hard to release a song full of emotions that you still deal with. That’s why "Broken” took over a year and a half to complete.


iEDM: Other than creating heartfelt and emotional music, in what other ways do you like to express yourself or create art? You can also list your favorite hobbies.

AVAION: I love fashion. I love to mirror my feelings and artistic lifestyle in the way I dress.


iEDM: What is your favorite song at the moment and why?

AVAION: Sainté - Champagne Shots. It's UK rap and I just love the flow and the vibe of the song. It gives me a special feeling. 



iEDM: Congratulations on “Pieces” gaining more than 100 million streams on Spotify! You’ve described “Pieces” to be a life-changing song. The music video also offered a life-changing perspective. When creating the music video this time around for "Broken", what inspired you and what story did you hope to convey?

AVAION: We spent some time in Berlin and we planned on shooting the video there but most of the locations we liked were closed or not able to enter. So, we decided to look for something new. We found this rusty building in the middle of nowhere and decided to make this the eye catcher in the video and I think the outcome is amazing. 


iEDM: How do you hope your powerful discography changes the lives of others? Is there a positive, hopeful message you would like to give to your fans?

AVAION: I have always dreamed about making something special in this world. Even though my parents had other plans with me I had always my dreams in focus. The most important message is to never stop and just do what you love. Even when everyone is against you. As long as it makes you happy, keep going!



iEDM: Can you describe the most bizarre or random thing you’ve experienced or seen at a festival/club?

AVAION: I played an outdoor set on a festival location. It was kind of a secret gig with a live stream so there was a few guests and a camera team. When I played my set, I noticed the camera guy behind me, and I had a little screen at my desk where I could also see what the live stream sees. After a few minutes I just heard a big slash and black screen on the live stream. When I was turning around, I saw the camera guy in the little lake that was close behind me. It was freezing temperatures and this guy just fell in the ice water with all the camera gear. That was funny but also shocking!


iEDM: What is next in store for you this year? What is the next milestone you would like to accomplish?

AVAION: I want to release an EP soon. It’s going to be a special release because I’m going to take my sound to a new level. Be ready!


Photos Courtesy of AVAION


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