[INTERVIEW] Boris Brejcha Talks Origin Of Mask And More Ahead Of Body Language

| March 03, 2022

Over the course of his extensive career, German-born producer Boris Brejcha has differentiated his sound by developing his own unique EDM genre. With or without his iconic carnival-inspired mask, the king of high-tech minimal and head of Fckng Serious has gathered a dedicated international fanbase. Ahead of his upcoming performance at Body Language Festival and Arizona debut, iEDM spoke with Boris Brejcha to learn about the creative approach behind his signature sound.


Read iEDM's exclusive interview with Boris Brejcha below.



iEDM: Can you tell us about the history and design choices behind your iconic mask?

Boris Brejcha: Since the beginning of my career, it was important to me to find a trademark that stands out and is unique. When I had my first performance in Brazil, I immediately thought of the carnival there. That's why I somehow came up with a mask and that's why I bought one. At that time, of course, it was a different one than today. At some point I was looking for one that somehow had a mystical effect and fit my music. That's how the Joker mask came about.


iEDM: Your latest release is a remix of Stephan Bodzin’s “Astronautin.” How does your approach to a remix differ from your original productions?

Boris Brejcha: As a general rule, I think it's harder to work on a remix than it is to create a new song, at least for me. When I make a new song, my head is empty and I have infinite creative freedom. When you make a remix and you know the original, you have to sort of stubbornly banish the song from your head so it doesn't affect you haha. On top of that, you try to keep a little bit of recognition from the original and bring in your one style. Sometimes it's not so easy to keep the balance. But from the process of finding ideas, the arrangement, etc., it runs with me similarly.



iEDM: What is your remedy to a creativity block?

Boris Brejcha: Good question. Fortunately, I've never had that really bad. I actually always have enough inspiration. And if not, then I try around until I think of something. That's what makes it fun for me. As soon as the beginning is done, everything is easy again.


iEDM: You describe your sound as “high-tech minimal.” How did you develop your trademark style?

Boris Brejcha: I have always made the music that I like. There are no genre boundaries. On my current album, the song styles go in all different directions. I don't like to be limited to only one genre and to be put into a box, so I have developed my own genre. "High Tech Minimal" thus simply describes my personal style.



iEDM: What can you tell us about your upcoming performance at Body Language? Do you have anything special planned for your set?

Boris Brejcha: I'm looking forward to performing in a new city and meeting new fans. I'm sure we will have a great party with many old and new songs! And a lot of dancing :-)


iEDM: What was your favorite part of producing your tenth album Never Stop Dancing?

Boris Brejcha: I enjoyed everything about it, of course. Especially, the free development and the mix of different directions. Every song is so different and I really let off steam and just did what I felt like doing. Shooting the music videos is always a lot of fun, too!



iEDM: What does Fcking Serious have planned for 2022?

Boris Brejcha: Our artists from Fckng Serious will release a lot of great new music in 2022. In addition, we are looking forward to great joint concerts throughout Europe and many great festivals worldwide on which we can play as a troupe! The year will be great!


iEDM: What do you have in store for 2022?

Boris Brejcha: This year, I will be making my debut at some big festivals like EDC Las Vegas and Ultra Miami. New music will most definitely be released and we have come up with special new realizations for my own concerts. Also, maybe in 2022 my documentary will be released, which I've been looking forward to for a long time!



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