[INTERVIEW] Drezo Discusses Omens Records And Surprise Set With BIJOU At Body Language

| March 23, 2022

Hailing from Arizona, dark house DJ/producer Drezo has a bold and cunning demeanor in and out of the DJ booth. Bending his music beyond a genre and into a self-described "atmosphere," Drezo's irresistible taste-breaking bass-house style is simply unmatched. After a few years of quietly advancing his expression, Drezo's public return to the world of EDM encapsulates his growth, promising new releases every month and the debut of his record label, Omens Records. iEDM had the privilege to pry Drezo about Omens Records, his surprise B2B set with BIJOU at Body Language, and his connection to the atmosphere of his sound. 


Read iEDM's exclusive interview with Drezo below.



iEDM: What is the meaning or inspiration behind your stage name? 

Drezo: My name is Andre, those close to me call me Dre. I added a zo on the end. The rest is history.


iEDM: How did growing up in Arizona influence your love of EDM and DJ career? 

Drezo: I had my first steps into the EDM world while living in Arizona, and those times will always be near and dear to me. Shoutout Theemeoh.


iEDM: What was it like to perform at a new underground festival in your home state?

Drezo: It was amazing. Loved the vibe of the festival. Definitely hoping it becomes an annual event. I'm grateful as hell to be able to spin with the other heavyweights on that lineup.


iEDM: Your surprise B2B set with BIJOU at Body Language was hypnotic! How did that set come together? 

Drezo: He was backstage and I yelled at him enough to come join me. I was happy the crowd was into it. We've been friends forever.


iEDM: Who would you like to perform a B2B set with in the future? 

Drezo: Rezz, duh. 



iEDM: How would you self-define your genre? What inspires your dark and sinister sound?

Drezo: I like all types of house and dance music, so I'd rather classify my sound as a type of atmosphere rather than genre. Every track sounds like me, I don't analyze it more than that.


iEDM: How are you continuing to experiment and refine your sound as a producer?

Drezo: The process never ends, and as long as you're experimenting, learning, and having fun with it, the studio will treat you correct.


iEDM: If you were to produce an album, which DJs/producers would you collaborate with and why? 

Drezo: Gesaffelstein, Tchami, REZZ, Skrillex, Hanzel, and SIDEPIECE. I love all of them too much.


iEDM: What motivated you to start your own record label, Omens Records?

Drezo: Omens Records was created as a place to grow emerging artists with a similar sound to my own. I wanted to create a new imprint for the budding darker electronic artists who are looking for a home, but nowhere to really fit in.




iEDM: What can you tell me about your upcoming releases on Omens Records?

Drezo: I have a lot of singles coming every month of 2022. Every track will reinforce and build on top of the sound that I've created thus far.


iEDM: What is the significance behind naming your record label after your Omens EP? 

Drezo: The EP turned into the label. I just started thinking bigger, I guess. 


iEDM: What is next for Omens Records?

Drezo: The sky's the limit, or maybe the underworld. I don't know, but I'm looking forward to having fun again.


iEDM: What goals do you hope to accomplish in 2022?

Drezo: Keep my fans happy because I love them more than I love myself.


iEDM: What is one thing you wish your fans knew about you?

Drezo: It's good they don't know everything, there's no more mystery to artists anymore! Thank you, social media.



Photos Courtesy of Ohdagyo


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