[INTERVIEW] FREAK ON Discusses New Single, "I Don't Think U Do" + The Rest Of 2022 At In The Valley Block Party Weekend

L.A.-baseproduceanPortlannative, FREAK ON now residing in Arizona emerges from the underground with his undeniable "tech house originals mixed with big booty bass". This detail-oriented producer illustrates his playful personality in his vocals and overall sound intended to inflate the intensity at any club. 

Leaving Phoenix, Arizona at In The Valley Block Party alongside other cities entranced, iEDM had the chance to examine the man whose requiem is to encourage everyone to get their freak on about his new collaborative single with SNBRN, "I Don't Think U Do" and the relationship between his personality and sound. 


Read iEDM's exclusive interview with FREAK ON below. 

iEDM: Can you tell me the story or meaning behind your stage name?

FREAK ON: Back in 2018, I had just moved to L.A. and wanted to rebrand. I was trying to think of a name that fit my personality and was playful as well. FREAK ON popped into my head and stuck.

iEDM: Arizona loved everything about your performance, especially when you remixed “T.N.T” by AC/DC. What do you love most about performing?

FREAK ON: What I love most about performing is seeing everyone in the crowd have a great time. If I can put smiles on faces and create a space where people can enjoy themselves, I’m 100% happy.



iEDM: How would you self-describe your signature sound?

FREAK ON: Fun, exciting house music that draws influence from multiple genres.

iEDM: What inspires you to produce tech house and how do you want to develop your sound?

FREAK ON: I fell in love with house music back in 2012, which inspired me to start my production journey. I've always sat in the house realm as far production goes. I was making bass house when I started which evolved into my tech house sound today. I'd like to just keep making the best music I can and see where that takes my sound.



iEDM: How do you think your bold, playful personality and sense of humor manifests in your music?

FREAK ON: I think a lot of the time it manifests in my vocals. I'd also say a lot of my edits are a direct representation of my personality.


iEDM: Is there anything you’d like to let your fans, who are better known as “freaks”, know about you?

FREAK ON: I love them very much and appreciate all their support. It means the world to me. 



iEDM: What was the inspiration or creative process behind your latest collaborative single with SNBRN, “I Don’t Think U Do”?

FREAK ON: Kevin reached out to me with an idea and it already had the catchy vocal sample. I knew we could create a dance floor smasher with high energy percussion and dope bassline. We ran with that idea in mind and the rest is history. 

iEDM: Fans love to listen to your collaborative tracks and see you on stage with Dr. Fresch. Can you tell me about your friendship and why you’re able to create so well with one another? Also, can fans expect another collaborative track in the near future?

FREAK ON: Tony and I met Spring Break 2015 at Lake Havasu and had a hell of a time. We stayed in contact and became great friends over those next couple of years, so in 2018, he had a spot open up at his house I moved in. We like the same humor, so we get a long really well. We started talking about collaborating and created "THICCC" a year later. We wanted to do a follow-up track and that's when the idea of "Shake That" was started. I think it's safe to say there will be another collaboration in the future; I just can't say when.



 iEDM: What has been an incredible moment or milestone in your career so far?

FREAK ON: I think getting my songs played by artists who I have looked up to over the years is incredible to me. I never would have thought five years ago that artists I was watching at festivals would one day be spinning tunes that I've created.


iEDM: What do you hope to accomplish next in your career?

FREAK ON: I hope to keep releasing good music, get more on the radar, and play more big festivals.


iEDM: What do you have planned for the rest of 2022?

FREAK ON: I have some awesome releases lined up that I’m so stoked about. Other than that, my focus for the rest of 2022 is to keep working hard and having fun doing what I love.


Photos Courtesy of Relentless Beats


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| May 24, 2022

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Mary Mason

Mary Mason

Read More...Mary is an artist based in Phoenix, AZ. Her favorite mediums to practice are confessional poetry and hula hooping.

When she’s not hula hooping at a local bass and riddim show, she’s at the beach or San Diego Art Museum. Mary’s adoration for EDM (culture & community) inspires her to perform. One of her many ways of celebrating art is attending festivals with her friends.

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