[INTERVIEW] Jessica Skye Shares An Inside Look Into Her Meditative Debut Album, 'Fluō State 001'

Jessica Skye, Fluō State 001
| June 09, 2023

Over the course of the last decade, multi-talented artist Jessica Skye has played a crucial part in bridging together the realms of wellness and music. Residing in LA, Jessica is not only a gifted DJ and producer, she is also an Apple Fitness+ trainer. In addition to curating and heading yoga workouts and meditations across the globe, Jessica has supported the likes of Groove Armada, Nightmares on Wax, Todd Terry, and more.

Now Jessica is embarking on the next installment of her journey through dance music, releasing her inaugural LP, Fluō State 001Filled with lush melodies,  hypnotic synths, and ethereal vocals, this breathtaking compilation enables listeners to reach of state of inner tranquility. We talked with Jessica to learn more about this introspective and spellbinding project.

Check out iEDM’s exclusive interview with Jessica Skye below.


Jessica Skye, Fluō State 001

iEDM: Your debut album Fluō State 001 takes listeners on a powerful sonic journey. What sparked the idea for this project and why did you feel the need to get it out into the world?

Jessica Skye: I’ve been working between music and wellness for the last decade, and when it comes to teaching yoga, music has always been a huge part of the experience to help people find a sense of flow. Creating mixes and playlists to enhance a yoga experience is one of my favorite parts of the job, so making my own music for this has always been something that I’ve wanted to do.

Fluō is Latin for flow, and when I got in the studio to start this project I literally pictured a yoga class and how I wanted the music to create a mood, a feeling, and take people on a journey.


iEDM: Can you break down the process of how the album was ordered? How does each song progress into the next to give your audience an introspective and meditative experience?

Jessica Skye: I wanted to create an arc of energy from start to finish, so I arranged the tracks the same way I would in a yoga flow.

Opening with “AlphaBeta I” – a one-minute soothing wave-like soundscape, designed to be meditative and almost hypnotic.

This flows into “A New Beginning”, a more ambient electronica track with ethereal vocals, warm pads, and a rising arp to create mood and for me, focus.

Each tune builds in tempo and energy all the way to “Virgo Rising”, this is the peak of the arc, before “Dusty Rhodes” brings the energy down. The flow closes with “AlphaBeta III”, which is the full-extended version of the soundscape that ends with gentle piano keys that glide to bring you ‘back into the room’.

Jessica Skye, Fluō State 001iEDM: How were “Alpha Beta I”, II, and III, constructed and differentiated from one another? From your perspective, what is each of their intended effects on the listener, and their significance to the entire compilation?

Jessica Skye: “AlphaBeta III” came first, this is the full version which is six minutes long. A soothing soundscape with rolling waves of ambient pads, perfect for a Savasana [the final resting pose at the end of almost every yoga practice] or any wellness or meditative practice. The intention behind the shorter versions, “AlphaBeta I” (1 minute long) and “AlphaBeta II” (3 minutes long) is two-fold:

1) I love to use music as a way to hold space, for instance, let’s say I wanted to sit and meditate but only had a few minutes to myself during a busy day. I could use “AlphaBeta I” (1 min) or “AlphaBeta II” (3 min) to help me have that time to myself to close my eyes, slow my breath, and let the music create that time and space for me. 

2) It’s functional. When I’m putting a playlist or mix together for a yoga flow, I’ll plan it in segments. For instance, I like to open a yoga flow with one minute of meditation to help settle, slow the breath, and quiet the mind before moving. So “AlphaBeta I” is perfect for that. Or maybe I want to open with three minutes of meditation. So I’d use “AlphaBeta II”. “AlphaBeta III” (6 minutes) is designed to be used at the close.


iEDM: What emotions do you feel when listening to “Virgo Rising”? Are there any specific thoughts or memories that come to mind?

Jessica Skye: I’m really proud of “Virgo Rising”, I actually started that track years ago (I think 2018). It was in an excellent place, but there was a voice in my head telling me it wasn’t finished, so I didn’t release and held onto it.

When I re-opened the project as I started building this album, everything just flowed. I pivoted to more organic-sounding percussion and love the steel drums. It’s a happy tune for me, and when I was making it, I was picturing playing it on a white sand, palm tree-dotted beach at sunset. 

iEDM: Which track on Fluō State 001 pushed you the farthest out of your comfort zone as a producer? What obstacles did you face when creating this song and how were you able to overcome them?

Jessica Skye: The whole project tested me for sure, I feel like the whole project totally pushed me out of my comfort zone. Each track has its own strong identity. “Find a Way” was a really new direction for me, same with “Dusty Rhodes” – but I’m really proud of them.

The hardest part for me is getting started on a track, then once I’m rolling, the next hardest thing is knowing when it’s finished. I feel like I could keep tinkering with tunes forever.


iEDM: Which song on Fluō State 001 came the most naturally to you? What is your favorite soundscape or component of the song and why are you magnetized to it?

Jessica Skye: I loved creating “AlphaBeta III”, it was so soothing and really fun to experiment with new sounds and also create a different listening experience from what I’m used to.

When I started “A New Beginning”, there was definitely a turning point in the music studio; this is when I began to envision a huge yoga event. In my mind, it was a room of 100+ people, all sitting on their mats with their eyes closed. The room was dimly lit, with deep hues of red lighting.

I wanted that tune to create mood and be meditative, but transition in a way to raise the energy (hence the rising arp). If you listen, the energy of the track is higher towards the end of the song… Seamlessly flowing into “Find a Way”. 

Jessica Skye, Fluō State 001

iEDM: What advice do you have for up-and-coming producers who are struggling to craft meditative music that has an organic sound and strong link to the mind, body, and spirit?

Jessica Skye: One thing that really helped me was having a clear intention of how I wanted the music to show up and how I wanted to evoke feelings with it. I also had a very literal way of using the music in mind. This made the whole creative process a lot easier.

I totally get how that’s not always the case and it can be a creative journey that evolves. This process totally had elements of that. But my clear intention acted like a North Star to keep me on track.





iEDM: You have performed mesmerizing sets at venues such as Creamfields, Snowbombing, Ministry of Sound, and headed yoga retreats across the world. In your opinion, what unique events stand out that you have performed at? Which experience are you most proud of, and why?

Jessica Skye: A real stand-out show was in the summer of 2019, a festival called Feel just outside of Berlin. It might have been the best gig of my career, it just felt like everyone was there for the right reasons. I didn’t see anyone taking selfies. The crowd felt so present and I felt so connected with them, feeding off their energy.

I think I played a four-hour set. To be honest, I can’t even remember, but I could have played for 10 hours! I’m looking to return and play again later this month, and I literally can’t wait!

Jessica Skye, Fluō State 001

iEDM: If you were doing a yoga class for a stadium full of people, what would be your go-to fit?

That’s easy. I’d be head to toe in either black or leopard print!


iEDM: Outside of music and yoga, what are some of your favorite hobbies, interests, and places to visit?

Jessica Skye: You’ll usually find me by the ocean, either surfing, paddleboarding, or kicking back on the beach and watching the waves.

Photos courtesy of Jessica Skye


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