[INTERVIEW] Luci Shares Lyrics Behind "Narcissist", Her Transition to Producing Pop Music, & Upcoming Album

| April 14, 2023

Luci, once known as Lucii (or Lucii the Alien), escapes from the fog of creating bass and dubstep and emerges into the clarity of rebranding her discography to alt-pop. After experiencing a public breakup and its heartbreaking aftermath, she reinvented herself and eliminated the extra "i" of her former stage name--welcome to the empowered and transformed Luci, the queer artist immersed in goals of introducing live band performances to highlight her distinguished vocals easily recognized by fans. Despite her hiatus, Luci remains determined to write songs similar to confessional poetry and produce her upcoming album featuring her latest tracks such as "y am i not okay", "girlfriend", and "narcissist". iEDM had the utmost honor of interviewing Luci about her reasoning for transitioning to alt-pop, lessons from her recent heartbreak, and upcoming projects for this old face of EDM but new name in alt-pop. 


Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Luci below.



iEDM: In your latest single, “Narcissist”, the lyrics connote that you’re still processing the relationship and the aftermath. With imagery such as “I can’t resist the devil in your eyes/It haunts me every time”, which specific aspects of the relationship inspired these lyrics?

Luci: I usually fall in love with people with really seductive eyes so naturally I call them devil eyes idk where it came from but I think eyes are so telling. Maybe it came from when I thought of this individual that I almost couldn’t hate them because I found light in there eyes even tho they were devil eyes at the end of the day.





iEDM: Despite experiencing both a relationship and heartbreak in the public eye, what are some of the lessons this past relationship has shown you? Are you still learning and healing from this past relationship?

Luci: That break up was the worst one I've ever had and I truly think its because we were so public. I decided from now on to keep my relationships more private but not a secret. I just didn't want to be hated on by people or have the other person hated on bc of people speculating. There will probably come a time ill be more public with someone but for now I'm chilling.



iEDM: You have expressed plans to incorporate a live band paired with live vocals into your tour and festival performances. Why is it important for you to incorporate these elements into your live performances now more than ever?

Luci: I think because the album is FINALLY coming out and there way more pop then anything else. I wanna show I can do both, and honestly I just wanna play my own music full out.


iEDM: Your lyrics draw upon your personal life experiences which leaves an irreplaceable effect on fans. What are some difficulties you come across during the songwriting process and how do you overcome them?

Luci: I feel like the doubt of feeling like everything I make is trash or comparing to other people and going down that rabbit hole. Or writers block holy shit that is the worst feeling. But I try to remember like I have fans and a story to tell. I love love love songwriting and I'm doing it because I love it so even if it makes one person feel something, that's enough for me.



iEDM: This year, you are transitioning from bass and dubstep into alt-pop alongside performance. Can you explain the reason for the change in your discography? Have you always wanted to make pop music from the start?

Luci: Honestly, it started in 2020 there was no shows and I was faced with the reality that I honestly didn't like making dubstep that much for me, I was doing it more for crowd reactions. At a point, I loved it but it just didn't feel naturally anymore. So, I basically didn't write anything for the whole year and started in 2021 making pop and I made my album. I still wanna do electronic sets and then tour with a band. I’ve. Always loved pop music more than any genre but I did'nt think I was good enough vocally, but now I'm just like fuck it. The music I'm making is the best music I've ever made


iEDM: With that, will you continue to make bass and dubstep when the feeling strikes in addition to pop music? Do you aim to become a genre-bending and tastemaking artist with this evolution in your discography?

Luci: Yeah for sure I definitely wanna do collabs and such as well bc I don't wanna stop play DJ sets. I definitely wanna make a lot of genres like alt pop, punk rock, EDM.


iEDM: What are some of your goals you’d like to accomplish in regards to your upcoming music in alt-pop and live performances?

Luci: Do a live band tour and really show people the album tour full out. I’m excited for that.



iEDM: You are rebranding yourself and entering a new era. What would you like your die-hard fans to know about your transformation?

Luci: Well I've had to change the spelling of my name due to this artist who had the trademark before me and tried to sue me (it's a WHOLE thing) so basically its just Luci now still pronounced the same and all and I hope fans know like I'm still the same artist just going after things I feel really good about and put EVERYTHING into. This album is my baby and its almost yours.


iEDM: The dance music industry is primarily male-dominated. What advice do you have for women and the LGBTQ community hoping to establish themselves in this industry?

Luci: I say just do it because we need more women and LGBTQ people in the game. Embrace what makes you different and special and kill that shit.




iEDM: With 2023 finally here, what is next in store for you this year? Do you have any other projects, releases, or collabs you’re at liberty to share?

Luci: The ALBUMMMMM. The album is number 1 focus right now and then touring with the band. No collabs on the album just me and I co-produced or fully produced every song on it and I'm so so proud of it. 


Photos Courtesy of Luci


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