[INTERVIEW] Lupe Fuentes Shares Latest Track "DIP", Details About Upcoming LP, & Monthly Residence with Rinse FM

| April 14, 2023

Columbian-born DJ and producer Lupe Fuentes, is one of the majestic women of tech-house, transpiring her story of determination and perseverance in her music to inspire others to take action. In 2014, Lupe launched her own brand and imprint, In The Loop Recodings, presenting monthly pop-up parties, house, techno, and an In The Loop radio show on Rinse FM. Because Lupe loves to produce house and it loves her in return, she also has a separate monthly residence with Rinse FM. Rumored to publish a memoir to share her dynamic journey and origins, the "So High" producer heals through making music which has given birth to her latest tracks, "DIP" and "Vamo Pa La Brea". iEDM explored the milestones, achievements, and upcoming projects of this rising artist. 


Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Lupe Fuentes below.



iEDM: Congratulations on earning a monthly residence with Rinse FM! How would you say your production process differed from the In The Loop Radio Vol. 1 mix from your solo mix? What musical goals do you try to accomplish when releasing a mix?

Lupe Fuentes: Thank you! I have been listening to Rinse for years, and being part of the team is an honor! I approach In The Loop Radio like I would when I play a club. My goal with the radio show is to give people a two-hour ride of healing sounds. For example, I got to interview my dear friend Juliet Mendoza for the show in March (In The Loop Radio Vol 2), and she dropped a sick house music mix. My goal with the show is to bring people a moment of musical healing throughout their day, to expose them to some of the incredibly talented artists in my life and the music that moves me.

iEDM: During your live performances, you’re seen closing your eyes and mixing at the same time like you’re in a trance or “in the zone”.  Can you describe the feelings and emotions you experience on stage? 

Lupe Fuentes: Playing music is a big release for me. Being able to perform and connect to people without words but with energy is very powerful. When I am in front of a crowd, open to be present, and I can connect to the universe to flow through me, it's like touching god. I know it sounds crazy, but it's truly how I feel. 



iEDM: In addition, how do you want to make listeners feel with your discography?

Lupe Fuentes: I am living my life, growing, and learning. I experience things and express myself through songs or mixes, photos, and videos. Each person will hear what they need at the right moment. I am not telling the music what it wants to be, I am just letting it happen. So far my discography has been about music for the dance floor. But I have been making a lot of other genres, specially during 2020. I am currently planning to release a few project that are in the works, with features from some of my friends and slower bpm.

You released a live mix for BRealTV in December 2022, what did you love most about this experience and opportunity?

Lupe Fuentes: B Real and Bobo are incredible artists and very authentic people. I have known them for over a decade, and they have seen my journey from when I came to the US and barely spoke any English.

I currently have a residency on The Dr. Greenthumb Mix Show on Fridays: https://www.twitch.tv/b_realtv. Playing with such talented musicians has been a privilege and a constantly growing experience.





iEDM: In The Loop Recordings has relaunched this year with monthly pop-up parties and a In The Loop radio show on Rinse FM. How would you like to see In The Loop Recordings evolve? Would you consider curating In The Loop stage takeovers at music festivals?

Lupe Fuentes: Yes, all of it! I want to build In The Loop as a community to launch new talent and experiences worldwide, all around music, art, and healing. This year I came together with my good friend Juliet Mendoza and started throwing In The  Loop immersive experiences. The last one was for my birthday. We create a healing environment through music, scent, visual art, and taste. The next one is May 5th, and I can only give you one hint: Arroz con pollo. @inthelooprecordings for location and more details. 


iEDM: If I’m not mistaken, you started your music career in a girl group named, “The Ex-Girlfriends”. How did this experience inspire you to produce your own flavor of tech-house?   

Lupe Fuentes: I was going through a tough time back then, and having that project was so therapeutic and life-changing! I learn about music, producing music, using Protools, and being creative through sound. But I grew up listening to house in Madrid so making club music was super healing for me and that's why I continue making house music.


What is a milestone or life-changing moment you’re most proud of and why?

Lupe Fuentes: Moving to the US was very life-changing for me. I was very scared, and I had to learn to survive on my own in a country where I didn't have any family or friends, and I didn't speak the language (at the time English). I am very far from where I came from in Colombia in so many ways, but looking back, I never thought my life was going to evolve this much. I still have so much to learn and experience. I am grateful for the journey.

“Vamo Pa La Brea” is an irresistible song that obviously belongs on the dance floor due to its high energy. How long did this single take to produce? Did this well-loved song start as an unreleased ID?

Lupe Fuentes: I am always making music. I created "Vamo Pa La Brea" last summer inspired by my Latino DJ homies in LA. What is happening in the world with Latino culture, especially music, is a revolution. It is very inspiring to see more inclusion in the scene. That's why I continue taking responsibility for supporting new artists and creating safe spaces to experience art.



iEDM: Your Instagram profile displays your playful yet seductive nature towards styling your outfits. From latex pants to other countless looks, what inspires your fashion sense?  

Lupe Fuentes: Fashion is another form of expressing myself. Anyone who knows me can agree that I wear a lot of oversized type pieces; I mostly only wear dresses for special occasions. I love to wear pants and boots. My outfits usually reflect how I feel in that chapter.


iEDM: Since 2014, you’ve released music and launched In The Loop Recordings around 2019. As a fan, it’s satisfying to watch your success grow. What helped you overcome moments of uncertainty or failure?

Lupe Fuentes: When you come from a place like mine where you don't have much, and you don't have anything to lose and everything to gain. That makes me stand back up after every lesson because there is no home to return to! There is only one way, and that is forward. Many people may not understand reading this, but I know there are a lot of people like me that will. They know what I am mean.


What can you tell fans in regards to any upcoming projects, tours, or collabs to look forward to in 2023?  

Lupe Fuentes: Currently, I am focusing on In The Loop Radio Show on Rinse FM, which airs every second Tuesday of the month. You can find it here.  

I have a single coming out on In The Loop at the end of March named: "DIP". Very after-hours vibes!

I am in the studio working on a couple of EPs with features by good friends of mine, oh and I will be going to Miami this month to play a couple of shows that you can find here  :)


Photos Courtesy of Lupe Fuentes 


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