[INTERVIEW] Sed's Vortex Shares Details About Songwriting, Personal Goals, & "I Tried To Scream" Prior to Her Main Stage Performance at PHXLIGHTS 2023: Among The Stars

| April 07, 2023

Sedona Spencer, a singer-songwriter-DJ-producer from Phoenix, Arizona is better known among the underground electronic dance music scene as Sed's Vortex. Named after the spiritual home of red rocks, Sedona, Arizona, she spiritualizes her self-expression by recording her own vocals and writing her own lyrics to present bass with trap influences alongside a touch of her rawness to local crowds. Sed's Vortex made her first festival appearance ever at PHXLIGHTS 2022: Altered Orbit, specifically appearing on the silent disco lineup and cultivating a discography. Rising up the whirlwind hole since she released her first track "Soul Sucka" in 2021, Sed's Vortex shared with iEDM how she integrates her personality into her songwriting and more before her first main stage performance in her career at PHXLIGHTS 2023: Among The Stars. 


Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Sed's Vortex below.



iEDM: During PHXLIGHTS 2022, you performed at the silent disco which was your first festival booking ever. This year, you are scheduled to perform at the main stage, so congratulations on your growth and achievement! Where do you see yourself in one year? What would you like to accomplish by then?

Sed's Vortex: Thank you! It’s truly been a beautiful journey. In 2022, I took a small step back from producing to focus on the local shows, and by taking every opportunity I could to play, it really helped me get my name out there. So for 2023, I’m hyper-focusing on producing and releasing original music, remixes, and collaborations. Within a year, it’s definitely a goal of mine to get a song signed to a label and to be playing more out of state shows/festivals.


iEDM: You are debuting some of your unreleased IDs at PHXLIGHTS, are you at liberty to share any details with your fans about the inspiration behind the tracks, release dates, or official song titles?

Sed's Vortex: Of course! I don’t have official release dates set yet, but I have three new songs I’ll be debuting at the festival. The first is a collab with PRETTYHARD titled ‘Run The Block.’ This record represents confidence within both of our artist projects. The second is a collab with BlvckRose titled ‘I Tried To Scream.’ This song is inspired by a reoccurring dream/nightmare I used to have, so it's really dark and eerie. Then the third track is a three way collab between myself, PRETTYHARD, and BlvckRose titled ‘Falling’. This song is written about the feeling of fear when falling in love.



iEDM: The supporting B2B set you performed with Mutil8 for MARAUDA’s Rage Room Tour was recently released and since you are at the beginning of your career, who would you like to perform a B2B set with next?

Sed's Vortex: Yes, you can listen to the full Rage Room B2B live set on my SoundCloud! This one is very different from my past live mixes I’ve released, but that is the beauty of a B2B. It takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you to mix certain styles you normally wouldn't. Locally, I am dying to do a B2B set with my partner, PRETTYHARD, because our chemistry on stage is unmatched. But my dream B2B would be with the artist, G Jones.


iEDM: How would you self-describe your sound? And, does your music reflect your personality? If so, how do you integrate your personality into your music?

Sed's Vortex: My signature sound is best described as bass music with trap influences and original vocals. My music truly represents who I am because I take inspiration from past experiences to create a melodic journey through my personal perspective. Everything I write about comes from a vulnerable, personal point of view.



iEDM: You’re an expressive vocalist and songwriter. What inspires you to sing and write your own lyrics? Do you source your inspiration from real-life experiences? How did you begin your singing/songwriting journey?

Sed's Vortex: Ever since I was a little girl, I could not stop singing. It would drive my mom crazy sometimes, lol, but it was an undeniable way to express myself, and I was absolutely in love with it. Singing and writing poetry really helped me survive the struggles of my past and was an outlet for me in really tough times. My life has always been centered around music, but I didn’t start to seriously pursue my own until the 2020 pandemic. The recording studio I was audio engineering at in Nashville wasn’t doing much work, so I decided to put my time and energy into my own creativity. Now, I get to make music as my genuine passion and being able to write lyrics from those really dark, trying times has become therapeutic for me.


iEDM: You have performed at countless local venues in Arizona. Can you describe a performance that felt sentimental and extremely special to you than any other performance yet?

Sed's Vortex: When I performed at last year’s Full Moon Festival: Red Planet, that was the first time I felt an overwhelming amount of emotions and utter gratitude. The way the night transpired leading up to the performance was wild. The festival started, but shortly got shut down due to extreme thunderstorms in the area. I for sure thought my set would be cancelled, and this was the first time I was playing on a main stage as one of headliners, so I was super bummed. But literally 5 minutes before my set time, the festival reopened! Surprisingly, the majority of the crowd was waiting outside of the venue through the weather, which meant everything to me. As soon as I started my set, massive amounts of people rushed to the stage, impatiently ready to rage from all the anticipation! The energy from that night was something I had never experienced before. I felt like a star. That night was also the first time I ever sang live during my performance, and the reaction I got from the crowd is something I’ll never forget.



iEDM: Outside of music, what are some of your personal goals for 2023?

Sed's Vortex: Outside of music this year, I’m really focusing on bettering my mental and physical health. I’ve always struggled with waves of anxiety and depression, so having a routine is imperative to keep up with the demanding lifestyle of a musician. I try to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, eat healthy, and work out throughout the week to help me feel my best. But sometimes, I feel like I need more self care to deal with the pressure and get me out of my head. Practicing yoga and doing meditation daily is definitely a goal of mine for 2023. Both practices help me stay present, focused, and feeling good to balance my 9 to 5 with my music career.


iEDM: You have an upcoming collaborative release with Tate BlvckRose who happens to be your close friend and PRETTYHARD which is your significant other. How did you know you had to explore this collaboration? What has been your favorite part during this collaborative process?

Sed's Vortex: I wanted to do this collaboration with Wyatt (PRETTYHARD) and Tate (BlvckRose) because we all vibe and share similar tastes in artistic styles. Tate’s signature sound is best described as orchestral, cinematic, and dark. Wyatt’s sound encompasses the dikotomi of pretty melodic elements mixed with heavy, gritty sound design. Combined with my strengths which are vocals, effects, and percussion, I knew this trio combo would be magic. My favorite part about this process was getting to see how we all do our own art. It was cool to see how we integrated our creativity, and I admired how open we all were to each other’s ideas.



iEDM: I love that I get the opportunity to interview a female DJ who is also from Arizona. How has Arizona influenced your production style?

Sed's Vortex: Yes! Arizona is a very special place. I love the energy, spirituality, and progressiveness here. My artist name is inspired by the stunning city I was named after, Sedona. I always try to incorporate organic elements that I record myself into my production. By recording my own samples, it adds more originality and uniqueness to my music. With ‘Crystalized,’ you’ll hear sounds of water from a creek, birds chirping, and chimes blowing through the wind. These are all different sounds I recorded while adventuring in Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona. I’m still exploring and experimenting with my original sound as an artist but intention, authenticity, and genuine expression are always at the forefront of my creative process. I hope I can connect with people by telling my story and writing music from the heart.



iEDM: What is next in store this 2023 for Sed’s Vortex?

Sed's Vortex: Now that I have a bigger platform and fan base, I am so excited to give the community the music they’ve been patiently waiting for! Be on the lookout for upcoming releases including original music, remixes, and collaborations. As for shows, the best way to stay up to date is through my official website and social media platforms. I definitely will be releasing the live set from PHXLights: Among The Stars shortly after the festival weekend on my SoundCloud, so stay tuned! Thank you, Mary and iEDM for interviewing me!


Photos Courtesy of Sed's Vortex


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