[INTERVIEW] Wenzday Discusses Festival Fashion, Cure for Heartbreak, & Self-Care During Her New Tour Before Her Performance at PHXLIGHTS 2023: Among The Stars

| April 06, 2023

Strutting into a world in which everyday is Wenzday, Taylor Chung sprouted from the Bay Area during her 10 years (and counting) of DJing and graduated from the prestigious recording academy Icon Collective. She then used her learnings to bring a special sound to the electronic dance music scene: Heartbreak House. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue her music career full-time, she fused house and bass into energetic harmony. Wenzday released a catharsis of not only an EP titled, Heartbreak House (2019) after a painful breakup with the intention to empower others at the same time but also a sonic world of Heartbreak House designed for the heartbroken and heartbreakers. Publishing over 100 records since 2016 on record labels such as Confessions, Dim Mak, IN/ROTATION, and Insomniac Records, she remained motivated to co-found a hit bass label known as 40oz Cult. iEDM seized the opportunity to discuss with the Queen of Heartbreak House about festival fashion, how she prioritizes self-care during her new tour, and her cure for heartbreak before her upcoming set at PHXLIGHTS 2023: Among The Stars. 



Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Wenzday below.


iEDM: You create a self-described flavor of house music named “Heartbreak House”. Fans love the interconnection of your music combined with the intricate concepts of love such as pain, heartbreak, and beauty. Why did you decide to incorporate these concepts into your music? Why is it important for you to express yourself in this idyllic manner? 

    Wenzday: The original concept for my music came when I was writing my first ever EP “Heartbreak House.” I was personally going thru a really bad breakup and my way of copping was to put my emotions into my music. The insane fan response following the release was not only unexpected but absolutely incredible and from there on out I dedicated my project to this topic because it is such a relatable and empowering concept. Heartbreak is something that everyone experiences in some way, shape, or form and I hope that my fans continue to lean on my music as a way for them to get though hard times.



    iEDM: You commonly identify your fanbase as “Heartbreakers”. I’m very curious–are you more of a heartbreaker or heartbroken? How do you heal from heartbreak? 

    Wenzday: I’ve definitely gone from being heartbroken to being a heartbreaker for sure. Getting over loss in any form is something that takes work and is something that I have dedicated a lot of time to so that my music can be a sort of guiding light for others. For me, the best way to get over heartbreak is first and foremost leaning into those feelings and accepting them without shame, leaning into the people who care about you, and leaning into self-care-whether its listening to your favorite song or treating yourself to an experience like a spa day or shopping!



    iEDM: It’s refreshing to see you experiment with different aesthetics in regards to your performance outfits. I can tell you insert a lot of boldness into your fashion such as your lime green hair. What is the source of inspiration for your festival fashion?

    Wenzday: Thank you! I’d say fashion has been a passion of mine, possibly even before getting into music.  Ever since I was little I have loved playing dress up. For me, every show is an opportunity to try something different and unique and lucky for me, I find my fans and the EDM space very accepting of my fashion choices on and off stage. Right now I am taking a lot of inspiration from the streetwear scene in LA as well as Y2K fashion trends that are making a comeback. 



    iEDM: If you were to create a music video for “Handle With Care”, what kind of visual elements or concepts would you like to incorporate? 

    Wenzday: The concept for this song came from a person I was dating not too long ago who told me that they were finding it “hard to handle” my lifestyle in terms of constant traveling, late nights in the studio by myself, and the emotional ups and downs that go along with being in the music industry as a female. 

    That being said, I think a cool video idea for this song would be showing a young girl (maybe school age) wanting to be experimental in terms of fashion or hair color choices in a strict setting (maybe where a uniform is implemented) and being mocked for it. Eventually, she chooses to let her light shine and you see her confidence break out and she doesn’t care about fitting into the mold.

    iEDM: You recently announced 11 new tour dates, so congratulations! What are some ways you still practice self-care during overwhelming times on the road?

    Wenzday: Beyond packing my USBs, headphones, and laptop you can always find sheet masks in my bag! I find that while I am in my hotel getting ready for the set if I do a sheet mask and listen to my favorite song it really gets me relaxed and ready to perform. I have also found a newfound love for working out on the road because it keeps me physically healthy and in the zone.



    iEDM: Do you have any special surprises like unreleased IDs hidden in your set for PHXLIGHTS 2023? 

    Wenzday: I have been rinsing a ton of new music but the song I am most excited about is a collab with one of my best friends Kaysin. He’s an incredible producer and is absolutely killing it these days!


    iEDM: With that, I’ve encountered some DJs welcoming another DJ to the stage for an impromptu B2B set. Who would you welcome to share the stage with you for an impromptu B2B set? (This can be any DJ you would like by the way)

    Wenzday: I love an impromptu B2B. I think it really brings me back to my open format days where I would choose my songs on the fly based on crowd reaction. Going B2B with friends is also so much fun because you both know eachother’s vibe but you can be playful with transitions and song selection. One of my favorite artists to go B2B with is Bijou.



    iEDM: Other than creating Heartbreak House, what are your favorite hobbies or pastimes that ground you? 

    Wenzday: I love hiking and camping! Anything that gets me outdoors (since I spend so much time in the studio) is my favorite thing.


    iEDM: What is next in store for you in 2023? Any details about upcoming tracks, collabs, or projects you can share?

    Wenzday: I’m actually gearing up to release my follow up EP to Heartbreak House. It’s a 4 track EP and I will definitely be playing out all the tracks during my Phoenix Lights set!


    Photos Courtesy of Wenzday 


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