Iris Presents Owner Talks New Venue "Believe Music Hall" In iEDM Exclusive Interview

| April 11, 2018

Iris Presents is a promotion company that throws the number one Saturday weekly EDM events in Atlanta, providing an electronic audio-visual experience with a loving family vibe. It has been one of the biggest influences in Atlanta EDM and culture. Many people including myself have experienced their first EDM show at Rush Lounge, the venue Iris is moving out of. We've seen local talent blossom and enjoyed numerous performances from world-renowned artists with a show curated by the best production teams within those walls. These weekly shows have changed lives and played a major roll in the growth of many.

As with any successful development, Iris continues to grow, and this time the next chapter will be taking it back to where it all began. Glenn Goodhand founded Iris in 1996 and started a weekly back in the 90's that landed at a place called The Church. This gorgeous, multi-level church has been around for quite some time. In fact, when we caught up with Glenn, he informed us that Martin Luther King Sr. was the preacher for its inauguration over a hundred years ago.

The show had to go due to the church buying it back. Glenn has always had his eye on the venue and when a tenant took over he decided to throw a show called The Reunion. It went well, but they weren't treated properly. He took a break from the business to finish law school and married his wife Madeleine Goodhand. In 2011, the brand re-emerged as Iris Presents, Inc. with Madeleine joining as a partner. Making Rush Lounge Iris' home, their shows have reflected the perfect marriage of hearts and minds. The Iris family is all about spreading love, light, and positivity.


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The Goodhands are known for bringing their dreams to fruition, throwing their life-changing shows and founding one of the best EDM festivals in the world, Imagine Music Festival. Opening up their own place has been a dream of theirs for a long time. After keeping tabs on the church and realizing that it would soon be available, they knew it would be the perfect opportunity to move in. Rush Lounge is redeveloping into something different. So, the timing couldn't have been better.

At Rush, they haven't had their own staff and building. So, it hasn't been completely their vision. They are excited to be able to create that one-hundred percent and to have the capability to make sure the vibe is exactly how they want it. As with Imagine Music Festival, the Goodhands are going to bring something that Atlanta has never seen reaching a whole new level for its music scene.

"We are super excited about our future going back home to essentially the church, but what we now call the Believe Music Hall. We love this space and it was legendary in its own way. Moving is bittersweet. We found this little place, Rush Lounge, and have made the best of it. This location has been good and bad. It's limited us. We are sad to see it go but thrilled about the Believe Music Hall," Glenn told iEDM.

Iris will transition into Believe every Saturday, which will have the Imagine feel to it with three levels, two big hard cedar stages, and a forty-foot LED wall on the main stage. All of the gear that was at Rush will be downstairs. Upstairs will be an entirely brand new system, d&b audiotechnik sound and lighting, which is the best in the world. Glenn said that Believe Music Hall will contain several venues inside of the building similar to the venues Masquerade and Tabernacle, naming the downstairs something pertaining to Iris.

Its impressive debut lineup features Crizzly, COCODRILLS, and support from "the greatest locals in the land" Ployd, Eddie Gold, Alex Lucas, Teriyaki Noize, and Vivid. Say the secret password "believe" at the door for $10 entry before 11 pm. Grab your Presales HERE.


They are picking their game up even more. Now that they own the actual building, they have many much more opportunity and ability to go different directions. There will be a super-food restaurant there with a full kitchen and executive Chef Dan Brown. They plan for club nights on Fridays and Saturdays, but also live music during the week. There are even possibilities for comedy.

"We've been talking to talent buyers and all of the different promoters have walked through and are super excited as well. We're looking forward to working with the community and really developing something that sets a whole new bar for Atlanta, pardon the pun," Glenn said.

Since the very beginning, Iris has always helped to develop local talent. Their mantra has always been to support your locals, the very best locals in the land. Glenn told us they believe and support everybody in Atlanta, and try to bring them up, whether it be Iris in the venue, or Imagine, whatever it might be. As they develop they try to support and develop the local community as well, and not just musicians but also artists, sound and production, etc. Supporting their hometown and home scene is what they try to do.


Photo Credit: Adam Oliver 

Their new project is helping to develop the whole downtown area to cross turner field. So they are working with Georgia State as they are a big part of the community there and development of the area.

Glenn said, "We couldn't be more thankful for this love and support, for each and every single Saturday night. People save their money to come out here for every show. We try to treat everybody with the most love and respect that we can, whether or not they're paying VIP, or they're paying seven dollars to get in. Even on the guest list, we know that they spend a lot of time and made a lot of effort to get through the door. We love them for it and want to make sure they understand that. I think they've felt it through the years."


The Iris Family loves you and it shows. Thanks, Glenn and Maddy, for all of the amazing life experiences you enable everyone in the music scene to encounter. We are quite excited and always enjoy watching your continuous growth.

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