Just A Gent Talks About Touring Life in iEDM Exclusive Interview

| June 26, 2018

After touring with San Holo and Droeloe in his signature tuxedo, the Australian native hits the pool side with the June Splash House artists before his tour back home.

Known for his unique future bass style, the artist delivers hit after hit in both personal EPs and remixes. If you're heading to the land down under, Just A Gent is definitely a must-see artist!

iEDM: What’s the difference between Just A Gent and Jerst A Gernt?

JAG: Long story short, my friends kept making memes of me in our group chat and it just evolved into a meme page lol. 

JAG: All joking aside, for those who don’t know, who is Just A Gent?

JAG: Just A Gent is a project I started when I was around 16 trying to make something fresh and change the game. 

iEDM: I’m a little disappointed you didn’t show up in your tuxedo but given the heat, I’m glad you didn’t. What’s the story behind it?

JAG: Basically started in high school when me and my mates used to go to parties and wore bow ties and suspenders and stuff like that, we called ourselves The Gents. 

iEDM: How was performing at Splash House for you?

JAG: Super dope, 10/10.

iEDM: Would you say you’ve changed/gotten used to playing live shows since touring with San Holo?

JAG: Yeah we played almost 30 shows together, definitely helped me get more comfortable in front of major crowds. 

iEDM: What can fans be expecting for your tour back in Australia? 
JAG: Bangers 

iEDM: What’s the one thing you’re going to miss about the US once you’re home? 

JAG: All my American friends.

iEDM: Can fans expect another Just A Gent x SMLE collab anytime soon? 

JAG: Yeah for sure, been working on a bunch of stuff. Make sure to check out our already released collab Leave It All featuring Calica. 

iEDM: What kind of music did you listen to growing up? 

JAG: Silverchair, Eurythmics, Deadmau5, Split Enz and heaps more. 

iEDM: What are you listening to now?

JAG: Right now digging the new Anderson Paak’s new track Bubblin’ 

iEDM: We talked about games briefly but I forgot to ask why the shift from Rocket League to Overwatch?

JAG: Honestly, Overwatch is such a better game. I've always been an FPS fan so it just feels right.


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