Kaskade Talks Grammy Nomination & Favorite Memories From 2018

| December 30, 2018

Kaskade has carried his career and sound around the world by delivering his deeper sounds in smaller venues to playing at the largest stages worldwide. 2018 was no exception as he found himself headlining major festivals or playing till sunrise in a venue full of people who shared the same love for his music.

From bringing the west coast massive together for his 2nd Annual SunSoaked Long Beach to preparing for his 3rd annual NYE OTC show in San Francisco, Kaskade did not hold back and kept himself busy year round. Not only did he delivered outstanding performances all over the world but also great releases such as FUN, Tight, On Your Mind along many more. 

Kaskade recently received his 7th Grammy Award Nomination for his unique work on Kygo's "Stargazing" on best-remixed recording category.

"It’s amazing when your peers recognize what you’ve done as notable," said Kaskade when iEDM asked what his thoughts were about such nomination.

Brace yourselves, because iEDM is bringing you an Exclusive Interview with the one and only Kaskade.

"I write music that speaks to what I’m going through, or a time I feel reflective about," said Kaskade as he talks how he stays motivated. 


iEDM: What was your motivation when you first started and how has it changed now?

Kaskade: When I first began it was for the love of the music. Now? Still for the love of the music. At the end of the day, regardless of how many people you have on your team or in an audience, you have to still carry on that love affair with the lyrics and melody of what you’re playing. Otherwise, everyone can see through you, and it’s inauthentic. Not a lot has changed. 

iEDM: After all the accomplishments you’ve achieved how do you find the motivation to keep being the best producer you can be?

Kaskade: The motivation smacks me in the face every time I play any new song out. If I live to release one-thousand songs, there will be one-thousand moments of me playing it for the first time, in front of people who have pretty high expectations around that. It always comes down to - “Hey, do I love this song” first. And that gets me to the finish line. Then I think, “Hey will my audience love this song” and that might help move me across that line.

iEDM: You’ve been true to yourself since day one and it's truly inspiring. What about your music and life made you never want to change your style?

Kaskade: I would argue that my style changes with every song. But I don’t mind if people disagree with that. There are some who complain I’ve changed too much. There are some that complain I haven’t changed enough. I think any song is a reflection of where the listener is at in their own life. If you’re in the middle of a breakup, you want to hear those songs about heartbreak. If you’re in love you want to hear that. I write music that speaks to what I’m going through, or a time I feel reflective about. If the style is the same - that’s because I’m always the same person. If the style is too different - that’s because I’m a person that is human, and changes every single day. It’s all open to interpretation, and nobody is wrong.

iEDM: Throughout the busy schedule and seeing young DJs get caught up in this scene, how do you find ways to stay humble and really remain yourself through it all?

Kaskade: I don’t know if there’s a real answer to that. Anyone who says they’re humble is kind of missing the point of being humble. I have been blessed/cursed to have a team of four people (my family) who will never let me believe that I am above taking the trash out, cleaning a kitchen or cleaning up after our dog. I suppose I have no choice but to just be me because there’s absolutely no way I’d get away with trying to be any type of diva. 

iEDM: How excited are you about your Open To Close New Year’s Eve show?

Kaskade: On a scale of 1 - 10,  I am at around a bazillion. 

iEDM: I would be that excited too. What does this show mean to you?

Kaskade: I love wrapping up the year on my own terms, which is why I’ve been hosting my own NYE party over the past 3 years. It’s important to me to experience milestones with the people I care about the most, and that is and always has been my fans.

iEDM: What can your fans expect that night?

Kaskade: Playing OTC allows me to stretch out a little, musically. They can expect to find a good spot on the dance floor and then suddenly realize they’ve spent 6 hours there in what seems like 30 seconds. I’ll do the heavy lifting - this is going to be a night of feelings.

iEDM: YES! that OTC set it's going to be magical. Now, let's talk Kaskade Konnect. what are your feelings of the growth of Kaskade Konnect?

Kaskade: I love it. This community is the opposite of exclusive or exclusionary. The larger it gets, the more it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing.

iEDM: Did you ever think Kaskade Konnect was going to be this big?

Kaskade: Yes of course. My fans are lovers. They are kind, smart and savvy. These types of people find each other.

iEDM: What has been your best memory with Kaskade Konnect?

Kaskade: I don’t have just one. I look for Konnect at every show, and can always find them. They fire up the floor, and it’s like finding an old friend every time I place them. Kaskade Konnect with all its different members and various iterations has been on this journey with me for a long time. They’re part of my legacy.

iEDM: I’m sure getting your 7th grammy nominee is definitely a memorable moment in 2018! What are your thoughts?

Kaskade: It’s amazing when your peers recognize what you’ve done as notable. I appreciate that so much. Everyone says “It’s just an honor to be nominated” and I know people are like, "Yeh yeh yeh. You want to win!!”

Which is true. But the even more true is that getting the nomination is a real pat on the back, from people in the industry saying you’ve done something right. I don’t take that for granted and truly am grateful for the nomination.

iEDM: Did you expect to get this nomination?

Kaskade: I was hoping for it, I would never expect it.

iEDM: So besides getting another Grammy Award nomination, whats another memorable thing that happened at a show/festival in 2018?

Kaskade: The sun going down at Sun Soaked was a moment for me. A year’s worth of work, a warm summer day and 30,000+ faces smiling at me with the ocean as the backdrop really got me emotional at that moment.


iEDM: Speaking of emotions what's your favorite song in 2018?

Kaskade: Depends on the day.

iEDM: Fair enough. Do you listen to your own music on your spare time?

Kaskade: I like to revisit older stuff in my spare time to see how it holds up.

iEDM: That what the heck moment that happened in 2018?

Kaskade: I can’t really get into that because it involved a monkey, a bubble machine, some tic tacs and confetti and someone named Moe. You connect the dots.

A big shout out to El Paso Kaskade Konnect Rep Jessica & Jodi for making this interview possible and of course Kaskade for taking some time off his busy schedule!

Have you ever consumed an artist's work to the point where you find yourself listening to it a bunch and it gets deep into your mind? To the point where you instinctively know their melodies and song structures? To the point where you find yourself in a room full of people who share the same kind of love for an artist who takes you in a rollercoaster of feelings every time you listen to his songs and/or when you see that artist live?

When you were young did you ever stand alone with visions of a world that were all your own or ever felt like dreams were shining and finally they are within reach? Maybe a your relationship vanished but you kept head high because you never know who’s waiting for you. You never know when love is coming your way. When the road is tough, but every morning when you wake up, you tell yourself not to be fooled by my emptiness. There's so much more room for happiness. Hug your best friend and tell him/her, just keep dancing! - Cris Chavez


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