Keep Warm This Winter: Layer With Our 10 Favorite Zip-Up Hoodies

| December 18, 2017

The days (and nights) are getting chilly but raving doesn't stop for something like a cold night. The best way to stay warm (even if you're not dancing all night) is to layer.

Wear your go-to rave tank-top, shirt or crop top and layer with one of our favorite zip-up hoodies and top it off with a cozy sweatshirt.

You'll stay warm all night and also be able to remove layers as you please. Personally, I love layering with zip-up hoodies.

They're lighter than regular hoodies and the zip-up option makes adding and removing layers quick and easy.

We've listed our favorite 10 zip-up hoodies that you can layer with this winter. Stay warm and stay lit. 


1. Lush Galaxy Zip-up Hoodie


Beautiful galactic designs? Check. Convenient zip-up design? Check. Your new favorite rave staple? Obviously. Our Lush Galaxy design is one of our very favorite designs and for good reason. The subtle hues and changes in color combined with the celestial stars covering this entire hoodie from hem to hood make this zip-up a marvel of mother nature

Our Lush Galaxy design is creative, colorful and fun. It's casual enough to wear off of festival grounds and groovy enough to wear to any festival of your choice. Rock this new zip-up anywhere and get compliments all the time. 



2. Unicorn Spew Hoodie


Unicorns are the undisputed animal of 2017, keep the trend going with our Unicorn Spew Zip-Up Hoodie. Playful and colorful, this rainbow zip-up will match and accentuate any top that you pair it with. Fun enough to wear to any festival, this zip-up is a must-have for the 2018 festival season. 

This design is one of our bestsellers and is available in a variety of styles. If a zip-up isn't your jam, check out this awesome design in a sweatshirt, t-shirt, crop top, pullover hoodie and a tank top



3. Attuned Zip-Up Hoodie

The complex lines and mind-bending geometric patterns on our Attuned Zip-Up Hoodie make this colorful and creative design one of our fan-favorites. This rave essential is perfect for layering during the cold winter months.

The wide range of colors, shapes and designs on this zip-up means it’ll match with any other layers you choose to wear. This unusual and unique design is artsy, fun and will be a sure highlight of your rave wardrobe.



4. Owl Language Zip-Up Hoodie


Our Owl Language design is a fan-favorite and a festival staple throughout the year, from summer to winter. In the warmer months, wear it during cool nights at your favorite festivals, and during the winter, this bold and bright design is perfect for layering.

Perfect for any and all events (but especially EDC), this highlight in our Animal Kingdom Collection is artsy and will become one of your favorite pieces to layer with throughout the cold winter months.



5. Worm Hole Zip-Up Hoodie


Easily one of our most galactic pieces and a testament to the beauty of Mother Nature, the Worm Hole Zip-Up Hoodie has one of our brightest color palettes with brilliant purples, blues, pinks and whites combining together into a celestial night sky.

Bring the good vibes and holiday cheer this season with a new zip-up hoodie to keep you simultaneously warm and cool, on and off festival grounds.



6. Achilles Zip-Up Hoodie


One of our newest designs, the Achilles Zip-Up Hoodie is a simple white hoodie with a beautiful water-color design on the front of the jacket. Water colors are currently in and you can stay ahead of the fashion curve with this beautiful and artsy design.

The clean white background and ethereal design make this eye-catching piece perfect for the holidays. This truly unique piece is new to our store, you’ll be the only one wearing it this season if you buy it now!



 7. Esoteric Dark Zip-Up Hoodie


Mind-bendingly trippy, our Esoteric Dark Zip-Up Hoodie will leave people reeling if they stare at it too long. Utilizing complex Sacred Geometry designs, this monochromatic zip-up hoodie will match anything and everything you wear with it.

Whether you choose to wear it zipped or unzipped, this intricately detailed hoodie will make heads turn when you walk by. Not feeling the colors? Switch it up with our other fractal designs HERE.



8. Trippy Trek Zip-Up Hoodie

The Trippy Trek Zip-Up is a psychedelic delight that meshes all colors of the spectrum. The oil slick pattern at the bottom fuses into the mountains with the pink skies. This artful hoodie is perfect for anyone who appreciates the trippy side of life. 



9. Rasta Woods Zip-Up Hoodie


Vibey, colorful and tranquil, the Rasta Woods Zip-Up Hoodie combines the serene beauty of the great outdoors with a Rasta color palette. The red, green and gold skies above the highly detailed forest make this hoodie perfectly artsy.

Bonus: the brilliant reds and greens on this hoodie make it festive and don’t those trees on the bottom of the jacket look familiar? No one can say that this zip-up isn’t festive this season!



10. Weird Galaxy Zip-Up Hoodie


Our Weird Galaxy design is one of our newest and coolest designs. This spacey design features a conflagration of colors- the greens, whites, blues, pinks and purples make this celestial design a must-have for your winter wardrobe. Clouds of stars all over this hoodie make this zip-up eye-catching and head-turning.

One of the newest additions to our bestselling Space Vibes Collection, this piece is casual enough to be worn off festival grounds but vibey enough to fit in at any festival of your choosing. 


Stay warm this winter with our bestselling sweaters, hoodies and zip-ups. Perfect on and off festival grounds, you'll stay warm while looking cool!

Check out more iEDM Zip-up Hoodies HERE


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