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| October 07, 2017

October is here and that means everyone's favorite holiday of scares, candy and costumes has arrived.

Halloween is at the end of the month and there's a lot of great themed festivals coming up. Whether you're rolling into Something Wicked, Hulaween, Freak Night, Psycho Circus or another Halloween-themed event, you want to make sure you're dressed to impress in halloween rave wear.

Even if you don't feel like wearing a costume, we've compiled ten scary picks for you to bring the scares to your next festival. 


1. Joker Hoodie

One of DC Universe's most popular supervillains is the star of this hoodie. Complete with bat detailing on the chest and hood and the Joker's infamous makeup, this hoodie is a must-have for any superhero fans. At the same time, this hoodie is creepy enough to turn heads at any scary festival you go to. And with the weather getting colder, a hoodie is the perfect addition to your rave wardrobe



2. Nightcrawler Tank Top

This tanktop is cool, artsy and scary all at once. Featuring a fanged monster hidden in the fractal design of the shirt, this tank top is a real eye-catcher. The haunting yellow eyes of the monster are hard to look away from, and you'll scare all your friends at your next festival when you wear this shirt.  



3. The Real OG Shirt

My two favorite things about this shirt are the bandanna and the detailing on the eyes. The shirt is relatively simple in design but the piercing blue-green eyes make this shirt pop. The skull bandanna fits into the festival vibe and the eerie eyes makes this shirt perfect for your next scary show. 



4. Distorted Skull Hoodie Tee

A hoodie tee is one of my personal favorite pieces for a show. With the warmth of a hood but the coolness of a short sleeve shirt. This hoodie tee features a distorted skull with a combination of creepy colors that makes this hoodie tee perfect for your Halloween shows. The perfect combination of rave-y and scary, this hoodie tee will fit the vibe of any Halloween-themed shows. 



5. Watercolor Tiger Shirt

A beautiful shirt that combines artistic watercolor detailing with a roaring tiger. One of the most colorful and artsy pieces in our cats collection, this shirt is an eye-catcher and not exclusive to the scary months of the year. It can be worn year-round, both in and out of festivals. 



6. Weirwolf Sweatshirt

This weird and creepy sweatshirt is perfect for Halloween in many different ways. The Weirwolf design has the attributes of both man and wolf, and a creepy trippy background design that makes this sweatshirt stand out. You'll be warm and scary in one of our scariest sweatshirts. 



7. Repressed Illumination Crop Top

The Repressed Illumination Crop Top is less scary than trippy and one of the newest arrivals in our higher consciousness collection. With soft colors and a cool and comfortable fit, you can't go wrong with this crop top. Perfect for your next Halloween event or just to wear to any show of your choice, this crop top is sure to please. 



8. Wolverine and X13 Tank Top

One of the biggest names in the Marvel Universe, Wolverine is the superhero superstar of this tank top. The tank top features bright color splatter detail and Wolverine's ubiquitous adamantine claws leave a signature slash down the front of the shirt. Between the hypnotizing eyes and long bone claws, this shirt is equal measures of scary and artsy. 



9. Pikachu Black Hoodie

Many people don't think of Pokemon as particularly scary, but you can channel Halloween in a different way with this hoodie. Instead of being scary this Halloween, be inspired with an artsy Pokemon hoodie. This hoodie uses a monochromatic color scheme to depict a Pikachu mid-battle. Perfect for Halloween or any other time of the year, this hoodie will be your new favorite addition to your wardrobe. 



10. Canine Tank Top

This tank top features a fun and bright color splatter pattern that makes this shirt colorful and unique. With a dog's face and open mouth superimposed over the splatters, there is something oddly scary about this cool and different tank top. 


Check out the rest of the Scary Collection HERE for all your Halloween-themed rave wear


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