KLYNE Will Make Your Heart Melt With "Still Not Over You" in an iEDM Exclusive

| April 20, 2017

It's no secret that American girls dig guys who know how to make them smile, create butterflies in their stomachs while watching them finally having the ability to hustle their way to the very top. That's why Lady Liberty and the land of the free gladly welcomed KLYNE with loving arms.

The duo consists of UK singer Nick Klein and producer Ferdous Dehzad. Together, they masterfully created a smooth electronic pop sound that captures a beautiful picture of sunnier days still yet ahead.

Their recent release of "Still Not Over You" made believers of true love all across the nation swoon in pure delight.  In an exclusive interview with iEDM.com, the guys sat down to discuss their backgrounds and future goals in the EDM world.

Before making a splash in the United States, there was a lot of mozzarella cheese involved.

Nick Klein explained, "I worked at a pizza place and Ferdous went to music school. Before that, we both met from a mutual friend's group. We never knew that we were both into music.  I played the guitar and he made beats."  

The singer elaborated, "Basically, after some time, we discovered that we both had a love for music.  We started making music together with him remixing my guitar sounds. We've been evolving ever since.  Now we are here."  

Klein took a quick glance out of a giant window located in the beautiful office space at Atlantic Records. The duo realized that they were living the American Dream.

Klein's appreciation for KLYNE making the transition across the pond was infectious. He was very happy to make his mark on the EDM scene because keeping a close eye on pizza dough at odd hours could become exhausting in a quick hurry.  

He stated, "I was managing the pizza shop. It was pretty stressful. I would work long days from 4PM to 1AM sometimes. I was living under a rock while working there. I didn't even know what Coachella was or anything like that. I didn't know what New York was."

Since arriving in NYC, the duo quickly fell in love with the city that never sleeps.

Klein recognized Dehzad as the driving force who made KLYNE a reality.

"It's basically because of Ferdous," Klein said. "He made a lot of beats. When I started singing and releasing covers on YouTube with a friend--he reached out to me asking if I could sing on a beat that he made. That beat was 'Paralyzed' and that's how everything started rolling. Ferdous kind of pulled me out of the pizza place."

It was Dehzad's turn to talk about his friend and charming crooner. The producer said, "We've known each other through our mutual friends. Then we found out that we both did music. Nick did sound recordings and covers. He knew I was making beats on the computer--mostly for fun. When I made 'Paralyzed,' I created a whole batch of songs. I sent 4 or 5 demos to Nick. He said, 'I like 'Paralyzed.' Let's do 'Paralyzed.' I went, 'Okay,'" he laughed.

It took a lot of hard work for the guys to first get noticed. Dehzad tracked the natural progression of KLYNE.  

"I was emailing a lot of blogs when we first started out. Our first track wasn't 'Paraylzed.' We made a couple of demos before that--which were really bad by the way. We will never send those out anywhere," Dehzad laughed with Klein joining in.

Dehzad continued, "I was emailing those songs to those blogs. I never got any responses from them. After 'Paralyzed,' things changed very quickly. All of a sudden the song was being posted everywhere.  Not even to the sites I had been emailing the track to. All kinds of blogs."  

Dehzad was stunned by the sudden traction. "These sites and magazines were talking about it and I went, 'Holy shit!'

After that, we got so much contact from all kinds of people. Since then, things have been insane for us," he said.  

Dehzad continued to soak it all in. "We're just two guys from the Netherlands who were doing our own thing for fun and all of a sudden we are having interviews here. It's still really crazy for us," the producer glowed.

When KYLNE arrived in NYC, they made it a mission to really see everything that the city had to offer.  Klein said, "I think we walked about 30 miles all over New York. I really love New York. It kind of reminds me of London but not London.  I don't know how to explain it."  

Dehzad had an answer for his friend. "Metropolitan. It's 100 times sicker than any other city in my opinion," he said.  

Klein nodded his head, "Everything that you see here is right out of any movie you watched."

New York City isn't the only town KLYNE plans on making a splash in.

"All of the shows that we are doing in the USA are super sick. For me, it's the first time I'm here in the United States. For us to be here and share our music is just a dream come true," Dehzad said.  

He continued, "We are still really new to all of this and have no idea what to expect from future shows in the USA. It could be way different from the ones we have done in Holland. We are just really excited. Our aim is to always have a good time and hopefully people will come along for the ride."

Klein chimed in, "We are focused on doing the shows to the best of our ability."

Before departing, KLYNE made sure to give a special shoutout to all the fans that have supported them in their incredible journey.  

"Thank you guys so much for supporting us so far. For me and Ferdous, it feels like we just started doing what we do.  It's so amazing to get so much support so early on in our careers. We hope we can keep satisfying you guys with some cool stuff," Klein said.  

Dehzad followed up with a smile, "I hope we can satisfy everyone with our new single, 'Still Not Over You.'"

You can follow KLYNE on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter.  You can purchase the infectious "Still Not Over You" by clicking here.

All photos were taken and graciously provided by Kevin Jackson Jr.  You can check out his other work on Instagram.


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