Lights All Night 2017 Was An Immersive Indoor NYE Festival Experience

| January 08, 2018

Lights All Night 2017 was located downtown Dallas, Texas and brought 30,000 fellow ravers across the country together to celebrate New Year's Eve weekend.

There were two stages of chaos! Supernova was the main stage with a huge screen in the middle followed by five smaller ones on each side. This set up added an immersive visual experience enhancing everyone's favorite favorite sets.

The second stage was called the Satellite. This stage had the best sound and had the theme of small water tanks together filled with lights in them that would brighten up to the rhythm of the beat followed with the screen in the middle of brilliant visuals. It was a truly unique stage design. 

The performers at this festival really all brought it and delivered their all. This is the first festival that I really loved and enjoyed every set that I caught. From artists like Destructo to Marshmello, there was a party for everyone. 

If I had to narrow It down to my two top favorite sets, it would hands down have to be Seven Lions and Porter Robinson.

Seven Lions dropped all of his big hits such as "Strangers," "Falling Away," and my favorite "Freesol." Jeff always does good with putting you in your feels and really hitting you with something such as psytrance.

Walking into this weekend getaway, you noticed the lights on the walls that shined different patterns on the walls such as swirls, flashing lights, etc. No part of the building was boring to the naked eye. Even in the back where the merchandise was located, they were installations of what appeared to be plastic wrapped with lights to make it glow.

Everyone's rave outfits had extra glitter to celebrate NYE proper. There were lots totems and glow gear to add to the effect. 

They had food trucks outside with delicious local picks. The Tacos of Pastor were my favorite. Good tacos were just a plus on the good vibes that were brought by this vendor. They truly spread positivity at this festival!

I had an amazing time and can't wait for next year. A big shout out to the Lights All Light Team for the unforgettable experience, it is a great winter event that celebrates the new year in the best way - on the dance floor with your rave crew! 

Check out more EDM News HERE and stay up to date with upcoming events for Festival Season 2018 HERE. Happy New Year! 


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