LUX Delivers An Unforgettable Impact In NERVO's "Why Do I"

| March 16, 2018

Lux is back at it again, and just in time for the upcoming festival season.

Back in August of 2017, the singer exclusively premiered "Catch Me If You Can" for iEDM. She received rave reviews for the track, and has continued to make a name for herself on the EDM scene.

This year, she is providing her superior topline writing talent and stunning vocals to NERVO's latest festival anthem, "Why Do I." The deep house song captures a sentiment that is painfully common for anyone who has ever experienced a faded love interest. Listen to the latest banger that will be sure to make waves at Ultra next week, and raise your hands high in the sky if you've ever been in that all-too familiar place. 


In a brand new interview with iEDM, LUX explained what it was like teaming up with NERVO. She started writing "Why Do I" with her good friend, Ken Loi, one year ago. They developed an incredibly strong relationship when it comes to putting words on paper. 

"In the early stages, we both knew this song had potential, so we brought it to Lipless to add some of his magic. The song sat in our maybe piles for a few months until NERVO and their team happened to come across it," says LUX. "I’m super thankful that they did and that they took a chance on it. [NERVO was] able to take it to a whole new level and give the song exactly what it needed." 

There is a reason why the song hits close to home. The vocalist was more than happy to explain how she was inspired when it came to writing her latest song. 

"When you write something you identify with on a deeper level that stems from personal experience, you form this sort of attachment to the song," LUX tells iEDM. "It’s a piece of your story. When you sing it, there is an emotion that you are able to communicate that no one else can quite come close to. "

It's the same hustle, no matter the day for LUX. She grows as a creator, and a true student of the game. She understands that music gives her life and makes that point clear every time she speaks. LUX truly believes the industry will also give her a successful career that will be worth all the hardships along the way. She's already on her way, trading a coffee cup for a microphone.  

"A huge milestone, was finally being able to quit my day job and transition into doing music full time. I worked for years waking up at 3 AM to work a shift at Starbucks and then race off to a session by 11 AM to write until I was ready to go home to sleep and do it all again," she recalls.  "Not a lot of people know that because social media is a great highlight reel. The reality is, when you are starting out, you have to sacrifice a lot for your passion. But, we do it 'cause we love it." 

LUX can't imagine doing anything else, and understands that collaborating with NERVO for "Why Do I" has been an ultimate highlight for her 2018. Building serious momentum, she thinks the song is a great way to launch new releases.

"I’d love to go on tour as a featured vocalist," LUX hints to iEDM. "Have a song with my voice hit 1 Million streams on Spotify, hear myself on the radio, write with some of the artists that have inspired my love for pop and EDM music, eat lots of ice cream, meet lots of new people, and chase down every pretty view I can I find." 

While LUX won't be performing at Ultra this year, she tells her fans that they can catch her voice during their set at the upcoming festival in Miami. Her next goal is to go on tour with NERVO, or some of the other DJs she had the pleasure of collaborating with.

Stay tuned because if history is any indicator, LUX will be putting out quality music for many years to come.

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NERVO ft. LUX 'Why Do I' is featured exclusively on Cr2 Records' 'Miami 2018' compilation, available to download and stream HERE.

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Banner photo provided by Sydney Schooler. Article photo provided by Spencer Connatser.

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