MilkChalk Talks Inspirations And Upcoming Projects In iEDM Exclusive Interview

| October 18, 2017

Nashville is known for it's diverse music scene. There is so much unique talent discovered here. iEDM found one of Nashville's extraordinary EDM producers who will blow your mind with his beats and lyrics. 

When we caught up with him, MilkChalk told us about his inspirations, along with his journey and his goals. Here is what he had to say. 


iEDM: How would you describe the Tennessee EDM scene?

MilkChalk: It’s the dirty south, we like it dirty! I’m fortunate enough to live in Nashville. So, I get a lot of opportunities to see some of the bigger artists that come through Tennessee,  and I also have a variety of genres to pick from on a weekly basis. The scene is very diverse with fans enjoying every genre/sub-genre of electronic music. There’s also plenty of local talent in Nashville to fill the clubs on weekends and weeknights when there isn’t a popular headliner in town.

iEDM: When did you begin producing?

MilkChalk: Early 2011 I bought a 1st generation iPad, some Korg production apps, and a DJ app because I didn’t have enough money to buy a Mac or Ableton Live. I had been mixing using a dual iPod Touch mixer that allowed me to look up tracks on YouTube and have them playing on 2 separate channels. I would record the mixes onto cassette tapes. I still have the ipod mixer as a reminder of how far I have come. I had also been creating tracks with my friend Hiasi who had a Mac and Ableton live at his house.


iEDM: How would you describe your style?

MilkChalk: If Black Flag, Rusko, and Gucci Mane's DNA were used to make some kind of evil clone, I think they would name it MilkChalk.

Right now I feel that my style would fall under Electronic Trap Punk, or some kind of new CyberPunk, maybe a 2017 Digital Rockstar. My style is constantly changing and growing as I am as a person. I have so many different tracks out. Sometimes I have a hard time answering people when they ask what kind of music that I make. I usually just play them one of my most recent releases on my iPhone.

iEDM: What are your biggest inspirations?

MilkChalk: New artists and life events are always inspiring my art and creativity.

Producer friends and my fans are always on my mind while I’m making a track. I try and make the beat hit hard to impress my friends and bring some friendly competition to the table. The rockstar lifestyle has always been appealing as well (girls, money, traveling, partying).

I listened to a lot of Three 6 Mafia in high school and I was writing rap songs but in 2009 I went to my first EDM show and heard Rusko’s track “Hammer Time” and discovered music without vocals. That’s when I knew that I needed to focus my creativity on beats. My brother Bob Ferrari’s  success as the drummer for “The Pink Spiders” has also always driven me to succeed. I’d like to reach his level of success one day.


iEDM: Tell us about Chalk Records.

MilkChalk: Chalk Records is my label that I release content through. I just released a music video for my new single “100 Beats” through the label. Right now it’s still small but one day I hope to have a few rappers and some gnarly punk bands releasing projects through the label as well.

iEDM: What other labels are you associated with?

MilkChalk: I’ve co-produced a couple of projects and a number of singles with my friend “Goldfacemoneywatch” and they’ve been released through his label “Low Number.” The label is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and is maintained by our very skilled friend Believe.

I also frequently find myself in the Moneytree Production Co.  studio drinking and mixing tracks on Traktor or co-producing a beat with the labels owner Nastinate aka Nightfrog, which is based here in Nashville, TN.

iEDM: You’ve been vlogging, can you tell us about VlogChalk?

MilkChalk: VlogChalk is a very new endeavor for me. I’ve been creating music for years and I have made some very basic music videos and edits to go along with my tracks in the past on iMovie, but now I’m learning Final Cut Pro and making 15 minute reality episodes about my life. It feels good to take on a new project and branch out in another creative direction. I’m hoping to gain more attention and fans through bringing them a closer, more personal view of my life and not just a SoundCloud link.



iEDM: Is there any new music we should look forward to?

MilkChalk: YES! Pink Widow / ChalkLit

It’s a double album , meaning that they will be released at the same time. Every track on Pink Widow will have vocals and every track on ChalkLit will be an instrumental. ChalkLit will contain some of the beats from Pink Widow, but not all of them. Both projects will include exclusive tracks that aren’t shared with the other.

iEDM: Are there any other projects that you are looking forward to?

MilkChalk: Right now I’m mainly focused on Pink Widow / ChalkLit, VlogChalk, and shooting more music videos. I hope to start a podcast soon and do interviews. So, be on the lookout for “ChalkTalk.”

iEDM: Where can we catch you next?

MilkChalk: I have a few shows lined up but the next one is The 11th Annual Halloween Barn Bash that takes place on October 21st in Spring City, TN! The event is a costume party and is curated by “Barn Productions“ which is ran by a good friend of mine, Tim Gould.


Tim transforms his barn into a bass rattling psychedelic structure by packing it with speakers and calling our friends from Tree Dimensional to light up the outside of the barn with mind-bending projections. I have a video of last years performance on YouTube titled “ MilkChalk Live @ The 2016 Halloween Barn Bash”. I will be promoting the event through my Facebook page


Thank you, MilkChalk, for the interview and opportunity to get to know you and your music. We can't wait to see you at The 11th Annual Halloween Barn Bash. 

To get more MilkChalk, visit his SoundCloud, or click HERE.  

Get in the spirit with iEDM Halloween styles HERE. 

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