Munchie Squad Talks "No Sleep" And Sam Bruno In An iEDM Exclusive Interview

| October 20, 2017

Munchie Squad killed it when they recently appeared on a slammin' edition of iEDM radio.

The chemistry between the guys cannot be denied. We expect great things for the trio in 2018. From their cool style to their groovy beats, Munchie Squad is here to say. Get on the train now because they are about to take off, big time!

iEDM recently caught up Julian and Nico of Munchie Squad to discuss "No Sleep," Sam Bruno and what they are currently up to in an exclusive interview.



iEDM: Hey guys! Let's get this started right. Can you tell our readers how you all came together?

Julian: Luca wishes he could be here right now, he's currently sick! Good question. We were in school together.

Nico: We were in a high school band! That sort of faded away and it developed into making electronic music. Then, we met the third guy just by making our stuff. He joined us. We thought, 'Okay. Why not just make electronic music under a new name?'

iEDM: I think you guys found gold by combining all of your talent. I hope Luca feels better too. Since last year, we here at iEDM have seen you pick up some serious momentum. Let's talk about a couple of the different songs that have come out since 2016. I know "No Sleep" did very well. How did you get Chelsea Collins involved with that song in particular?

Julian: We took a trip out to LA last year. We went there for a month and we recorded with a bunch of different artists. Somehow, our manager had the contact. He said that Chelsea wanted to meet us and we met. We recorded some stuff. That was the first step for "No Sleep." We went back to Vienna and continued to chat with her. We said, 'Hey, we need some more takes.' She sent them over and we finished the track!



iEDM: That's awesome man. I do want to talk about Vienna for a little bit. What are the differences there compared to the United States? For people who don't get to travel as much as they'd like to for different festivals, myself included, what's your take on the scene?

Nico: The festival scene out there is not as prominent as it is in America. You do have EDM festivals but not as many as there are in America. The music scene in general is not as active here. It was much easier in LA to meet people.

Julian: Yeah, that's true. You know, Austria is a small country so there aren't that many artists and singers. That makes it hard for us here. Sometimes, we struggle to find other people to collaborate with.  When we were in America, it was so easy to find someone. That's what we did. We recorded a lot of stuff.

iEDM: Well, I think your networking played out in your favor!  I'm actually part Austrian and I've never been. I plan on going one day.

Julian: Come visit!

iEDM: You know what, I might just take you up on that. Seriously. For anybody that does decide to go over there, are there any places in particular that you would recommend? 

Julian: If you like snow, winter is quite snowy here. The mountains are nice. The countryside is real nice!

iEDM: It looks like I have to get my snow boots ready then.  Bring it on! I know that you guys did a remix of Sam Bruno's "Tip of My Tongue." It's a great song. Can you two explain how that project came about on your end?

Julian: I think that one was the easiest to work on because our manager called us. He said that he got an email from Atlantic Records. I think they previously wrote to us before, saying that they liked our songs and we should send them some more of our stuff. Two weeks later, they wrote us an email saying they needed a remix for Sam Bruno. We were like, 'Okay...Wow. That is amazing.' We did it and they really liked it. It was good for us! I think Sam Bruno liked it to because she tagged us and wrote to us pretty often. It was really cool to see that the remix was appreciated.



iEDM: That is amazing. When people are on the same page that way, I think things are moving in the right direction. Speaking of right direction, I know that this year is coming to a close and we are headed into a new year. On your end, what can fans expect from Munchie Squad in the future?

Julian: We can talk about that for sure! We are excited to make some new music. It's getting easier and easier for us to release our music more quickly than before. I think fans can expect more music to drop real soon. We are planning on playing shows in 2018 too. We are waiting for that to happen so we can concentrate on the production side right now. Next year, we are going to play some great shows!

iEDM: Super cool! Is there a dream show that you would like to do?

Nico: We would love to play Coachella, to be honest! Haha.

Julian: I think every DJ wants to play there. 

iEDM: No doubt about it. I think you guys would be around pretty sweet company, to say the least. I have a feeling it's going to work out for you guys. Before I let you guys go, what would you like to say to all of your fans out there? 

Nico: I want to thank all of the fans for their support! For liking what we do and showing love on YouTube, Spotify and Facebook. We realize so many people are watching and listening to our stuff. It's quite insane to think about. When I find out that over 200,000 people listen to "No Sleep," it makes me go crazy! I would have never expected that to happen so early on. I really want to thank everybody who follows us and keeps us going. For us, it is great inspiration to keep going and keep making more music. It's being received well so we are eager to put out more good stuff!

You can follow Munchie Squad on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud. To check out more of your favorite artists in exclusive iEDM interviews, click HERE.

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