Pack These 10 Items For Bonnaroo 2020

| June 03, 2019

Bonnaroo 2019 is a few weeks out and Roo'ers new and old are preparing their visit to The Farm. Regardless if you're camping, glamping, or staying in a hotel, being prepared makes your festival experience a smooth one.

Bonnaroo is expected to be a hot one. June weather in Tennessee can range from 90 degree blazing hot days to some chilly nights. Dewy nights might even bring brisk mornings for late night ravers.  

It's time to revamp your festival wardrobe with some new favorites for 2019. I spoke with a veteran Roo'er and she concurred with the curated list below.

Have a look at our iEDM advice on what to pack for Bonnaroo.


10. Sunglasses

Hands down one of my favorite and most useful festival fashion essentials. Sunglasses! Most farms experience extreme sun during the day and Bonnaroo is no different. It's ok to wear sunglasses at night too. Sometimes it's necessary for a raver. Foreal though, do not forget sunglasses for Bonnaroo!

Peek at our Rave Sunglasses HERE!



9. Festival Blanket

Blankets are useful anytime a day. Maybe you and your crew are tired of dancing and just want to sit down on the ground for a bit. Or you want to snuggle with your rave bae at night. Either way blankets are mobile and useful for many Bonnaroo occasions. Don't be that person without a blanket!

We more than 150 Blankets to choose from HERE!



8. Hydration Back Pack 

Hydration Packs are useful for any and everyone. These packs hold about four bottles of water. Not only are hydration packs a reusable source for water but they are regulation size bags for festivals. Bonnaroo is a festival you will need to drink plenty of water!

Find your new Hydration Pack HERE. 



7. Hooded Blankets

Thinking about changing the hoodie and blanket game simultaneously? Look into buying a Hooded Blanket! These are moreso for individuals, but surely will catch eyes of the masses. You can be a trippy wolf who ate grandma or a magical hooded figure spreading good vibes. Hooded Blankets are a stylish way to stay warm during those late nights. 

Be the first in your crew to get a Hooded Blanket HERE!



6. Festival Tanks

I've only heard countless stories about how Bonnaroo is hot as fuck. Proper clothing is important. Ravers and tank tops go hand in hand. With our extensive collection you can wow lookers day and night, maybe even under a little blacklight! It's better than wearing a shirt with the high temperatures. Show off your guns with a new tank top! 

Browse iEDM's collection of Festival Tanks HERE



5. Tapestries

One reason camping festivals are my favorite is because of the countless glamorous tapestries at campsites. Some are super psychedelic with intricate designs while others illustrate simplicity like a sunny delight. More importantly they serve as a marker for your campsite. I'd say a campsite isn't complete without at least one tapestry.

Choose from the Tapestries HERE!



4. Bandanas

Of course bandanas are a theme on The Farm. Each attendee receives one Bonnaroo bandana inside their festival package! Bandanas are one of the simplest ways to upgrade your festival outfit with minimal effort. Use your bandana to wipe off beads of sweat, wear it as a mask, or dip it in water to cool off your head and/or neck under the Roo sun. Regardless of why you use a bandana, you don't want to be a raver without one!

Browse our Bandanas HERE!



3. Sneakers

Bonnaroo is called The Farm for a reason; I would advise wearing shoes. Maybe even bring multiple pairs of sneakers. iEDM sneakers are made to order ensuring the ingenuity of each product. With combinations of designs we have more than a hundred options in Low-Top and High-Top Sneakers fit for any Bonnaroo scene. Maybe you'd like to light up the dance floor at the Silent Disco with some LED Shoes

Get fitted with new shoes HERE!



2. Swimwear

Word on the street is Bonnaroo has water cooling stations and a giant waterslide! You'll need swimwear if you plan on splish splashing. Chances are it's going to be hot so swimsuits might be a preferable festival outfit anyway. It will be close to summer when Bonnaroo arrives, why not freshen up your swimwear!

Studs, we have swim trunks HERE for you! Ladies dive in HERE!



1. Rave Kaleidoscope Glasses

Photo cred: @gigimane

I hate kaleidoscopes! (Says no one ever) Looking thru kaleidoscope glasses has been the joy of sets I've watched at festivals on many occasions. Enhancing the already amazing light shows and visuals, kaleidoscope glasses are sure to bring a bigger smile upon any face. 

Take a glance at Rave Kaleidoscope Glasses HERE!



Ravers Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival is almost here. You know the music and art will be there, add your own style to the festival mandala. Start looking for new festival essentials and outfits HERE!

Find other Outfit Ideas HERE

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Daniel Smith

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