PLS & TY Talks Future Bass and Misconceptions in EDM in Exclusive iEDM Interview

| September 06, 2017

While Moonrise had a plethora of bass acts for Moonrisers to headbang and mosh to, there were times when Moonrise took the energy down a notch.

PLS & TY is one of the fastest rising stars in the future bass scene, playing a set at Electric Forest, and coming off of his Good Vibes Tour.

iEDM had a chance to sit down with PLS & Ty after his Sunday set at Moonrise Festival to talk about the music scene, DJ-ing and his future plans. 


iEDM: You do a lot of future bass music, and future bass has been evolving into what I think is one of the most innovative genres. A lot of artists have begun dabbling in it and it's a lot more popular, a year ago if I said I liked future bass, people didn't know what I was talking about. What drew you to the future bass sound? 

PLS & TY: My sound was created out of inspiration of other artists that I like, people like Lido and Flume are the two larger artists. Future bass is really the music that I loved listening to even before I started producing, so that's what led me to that sound. 

iEDM: Apart from Flume and Lido, are there any other artists you draw inspiration from? Anyone at Moonrise

PLS & TY: Of course Porter Robinson, Madeon, people like that. I love future bass, the list could keep going. If I'm forgetting anyone I'm sorry! But if anyone is doing future bass, I highly commend you, I love that sound of music

iEDM: You gained a lot of recognition with your remix of Drake's "Hotline Bling." what inspired you the most with the track?

PLS & TY: I did the remix with Autolaser, another future bass producer I really admire, and we chose to do the cover version- the Charlie Puth and Kehlani cover. So we remixed the cover version. What inspired me was how Hotline Bling was a really popular track at the moment and after hearing the cover version, I was super into their voices and I feel like it needed a really sensual future bass remix, and I feel like the track is so perfect for that- sexual, melodic, ideal for a future bass remix. 

iEDM: Definitely, and "Hotline Bling" is always such a hit at shows, you know that everyone will be singing it, everyone knows the lyrics. 

PLS & TY: Right! And it's a such a popular track, it's a great one to be able to play out live at a festival or a show. It's a great track. 

iEDM: Speaking of festivals, there are a lot of misconceptions about EDM and DJ-ing in general, what are the biggest misconceptions that people have that you want to address? 

PLS & TY: The biggest misconception to me is that people think that producers and DJs are not musicians and that's one of the things that angers me the most. We are musicians. We are just as much musicians as anyone else, most of us played instruments in the first place. For me, I'm classically trained in piano, so even if I was never a DJ, I'd still be a musician. And luckily I think now people are gearing up and doing live sets and it sheds a positive light on dance music. It proves to people that a lot of dance music artists are musicians with their live sets. 

iEDM: I agree, and dance music has so much happening right now. What's one of your goals musically or professionally for the duration of the year? Any projects you're working on or any festivals you want to hit? 

PLS & TY: Yes, so this year I'm working on a lot of singles with future vocalists. I'm not planning on an EP or an album, I'm planning a lot of singles and we have really huge news to announce. This news is surrounding Good Vibes and Run Wild, which are my two most recent singles, we have huge plans surrounding those tracks. 

iEDM: That's exciting, we'll definitely keep an ear out for it! Last question, what has been your favorite moment at a festival, either as a performer or an attendee? 

PLS & TY: Oh man, I don't know if there's just one moment. Being a producer and being able to play festivals, there are so many moments I'll forever cherish. It's such an amazing feeling to be up there and to see the crowd react, there are so many snapshots that will forever remain in my memory. 

iEDM: Anything that sticks out in particular? 

PLS & TY: This set was so much fun, Electric Forest was unreal. I played the forest stage, which was in the forest, with trees surrounding it, and it was beautiful to be able to play there. Another one was the show I played in Avila Beach, California, like on the beach. The stage was on the beach and it was amazing, I got to go to the beach with my friends right before the show and just spend time hanging out before my set. 


PLS & TY, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Your set was a great one to see and your passion, good vibes and energy were positively infectious.

Check out PLS & TY's SoundCloud and Facebook for the most up-to-date information on his new music and tour dates. 

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