Pretty Lights Takes Over The Gorge Amphitheatre

| April 05, 2017

The Gorge Amphitheater is one of America's premier outdoor venues that should be on every concert-goers bucket list.

Just last week, the good people at The Gorge opened their doors to a new "mini-festival" thrown by none other than Pretty Lights.

This 2-day festival held on August 4th and 5th will also be accompanied by hip-hop legend Atmosphere, electronic jam band STS9, the mind-blowing Tipper, and funk superstars Lettuce.

Pretty Lights, aka Derek Vincent Smith, has hosted other 2-day mini festival events in the past in places like Telluride, CO and Nashville, TN. This event being hosted at one of the top venues in the country will be an extra special edition to his Pretty Lights Live events. 

Pretty Lights Live is a more recent project created in 2016 where producer Derek Vincent Smith joins drummer Alvin Ford Jr., keyboardist Brian Coogan, keyboardist Borahm Lee, and turntablist Chris Karns on stage for a live electronic band performance.

The Gorge Is Called One Of The Best Concert Venues 

Opened in 1986, this naturally formed amphitheater seats 27,000 attendees and is located on the Colombia River in Washington.

In addition to hosting all the top names such as Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band, Pearl Jam, and Phish, The Gorge is also home for several music festivals including The Area:One, The Sasquatch! Music Festival, Paradiso Festival, Magnifique, and more.

Located 150 miles East of Seattle, The Gorge often offers camping and is known as one of the most scenic concert venues in the world. 

Pretty Lights Rumored New Album

Pretty Lights is rumored to have a a new album coming out this April 2017. Fans call themselves PLF (Prettty Lights Family) and are all excited for the first new studio album in 4 years. 

Pretty Lights earns his name with stunning laser production to accompany his electro hip-hop soul music. Imagine one of the most beautiful backgrounds, The Gorge, along with one of the best light shows in EDM today. 

Cross The Gorge off your concert bucket list and get tickets HERE


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