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| March 23, 2017

 Music festivals are an experience of a lifetime. The people you meet, the venues you see, aand most of all, the music you hear, are all experiences you will never forget. However, it's important to stay safe at festivals. With the thousands of attendees, it's important to be proactive and take certain measures to keep yourself and others safe. Below are ten essentials to help you rave safely. Hydration Pack

1. Hydration Pack

One of the most important things you can have at a music festival is water. But no one likes leaving in the middle of a DJ set to fill up their bottle, and many don’t. Dehydration and hyperthermia can be very dangerous, so to remedy this, carry your water around with you. Hydration Packs offer a convenient means to constantly re-hydrate and also carry your belongings with you.  

Portable Charger

2. Portable Charger

Your phone is a must-have at festivals. Whether you’re posting Instagram worthy pictures, snap chatting a headliner, or simply trying to find your friends in the sea of people, no one wants to be left with a dead phone. A portable charger is small and easy to carry in your pocket or bag. Think about how much you hate having a dead phone in the middle of a regular day, now imagine it in the middle of a festival.

Baby Wipes

3. Baby Wipes/Tissues

No one likes porta-potties. They are not the most glamorous way to do your business, but very few festivals (if you haven’t sprung for VIP treatment) will have bathrooms with plumbing. They aren’t the cleanest and that’s why baby wipes or tissues are a must have. I won’t go into detail, but I’m sure you can see why, hygienically at least, baby wipes or tissues are important.

Billionaire Beats

4. Sun Protection

Not all festivals are at night and almost all festivals will be more than 4 hours long. Staying out in the sun for 6 hours straight without sun protection is a bad decision in the long run. Protect your skin and eyes with sunscreen, sunglasses and hats. You’ll look good, be safe and protect your health all at once.


5. Earplugs

This may sound a little funky at first, but hear me out. If a human ear is exposed to decibel levels of 85 for an extended period of time, it can cause hearing damage. EDM shows often average around 115 decibels. You can do the math. Protecting your hearing at a festival is just as important as protecting your skin and eyes. Many famous DJs use earplugs when they’re playing at festivals, but don’t worry you’ll still be able to hear the music.

First Aid Kit

6. First Aid Kit

There are medical tents at festivals but sometimes for the smaller cuts and bruises, you won’t want to leave in the middle of a headliner set. Medical tents can sometimes get pretty busy and no one wants to wait in line. Carrying your own mini first aid kit cuts down the time you spend waiting in lines and lets you treat the smaller injuries on your own. But for more severe injuries, or for others, make sure you go to a medical tent. Despite what you may believe, you are (probably) not a medically licensed professional!

Hand Sanitizer

7. Hand Sanitizer

Once again, porta-potties are kinda gross. And the sinks they provide at festival bathrooms have a bad reputation for running out of soap halfway through the festival. Keep your hands clean and just bring your own sanitizer. Just double check the rules, some are TSA-worthy about bringing unsealed liquids onto festival grounds.

Ziploc Bags

8. Plastic Baggies

Ziplocs are the unsung heroes of our daily lives. You can slip your phone, credit card, ID and other essentials into one and keep it in your pocket or bag. It keeps everything together, and in the event of a rainy rave, it keeps everything dry. They aren’t heavy, they don’t take up much room and you’ll be happier you had them, than unhappy that you carried them and didn’t use them.

Minimalist Wallet

9. Minimalist Wallet

You don’t need to bring your entire wallet to a festival. Your various membership cards and gift cards can stay at home. A minimalist wallet is small, fits comfortably in your pocket and you can fit the bare essentials: credit card (or two), some cash and ID. Also, no one wants to lose their brand-name wallet at a festival, and let’s be real: we always lose things at festivals. 


10. Carabiner

This might be a new one. Carabiners are usually seen hooked onto Nalgene water bottles, but they are useful at festivals too. You can attach your keys or anything on a key ring and then loop it onto your belt loop or backpack. You can’t lose what’s attached to you.  

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