Sacha Robotti Talks About SlothAcid Tour And Dirtybird In iEDM Exclusive Interview

| October 24, 2017

Sacha Robotti is a Belgian DJ and Producer, with Italian-German roots, who successfully released his first solo outing on Dirtybird Records in April. After Melato Nina EP’s success, Dirtbird is proudly behind Sacha’s headlining North American tour, SlothAcid Tour.

The Fall tour has been through Cananda and will hit all regions of the U.S. Sacha will play in the UK for Halloween and be back in the States through December. During this busy tour, we had the pleasure to catch up with Sacha. This is what he had to say.


iEDM: Tell me about this SlothAcid Tour.

Sacha: It's great. I love it. It's like my fifth day and I'm here with a friend. We went really hard last night.

I also  played the after party in Austin and went to bed pretty late. So, I'm tired.



iEDM: What's been your favorite stop on the tour so far?

Sacha: Dirtybird Campout.

iEDM: I read that 2 years ago your first solo gig was at Campout?

Sacha: Campout was my first solo. That's why I came to the States. I've done my own project since I think 2010,  but for 10 years I was in another project called “Robosonic.” That was me and another guy.

iEDM: What kind of music was that?

Sacha: We did more like house, and records. That's what people called it. It was like house music with a pop influence. It’s cool. You should check it out.

iEDM: How's the US life treating you?

Sacha: Great, I love it. I'm here on a visa and I'd like to stay here.

iEDM: So how'd you get connected with Dirtybird?

Sacha: It goes back a long time because I've always been a fan of the label. I think since like 2006, it was the second release, and I started sending demos years ago. I was not good enough or whatever, it just didn't work out. But then I met up with Christian Martin and Justin Martin, and got to know their crew. The fans give back that way.

That's intro to the many parties. They make stuff. In comparison to Europe, the people are way more interactive. They like make stuff for you, like a sloth onesie. It's just funny. That doesn't really happen, not as much, anywhere else I've been to. I love it.

iEDM: Tell me about this year's Campout. What was your favorite moment?

Sacha: My favorite moment was playing, but it's always great to be there and just meet all the fans. It’s so crazy.

iEDM: You've also worked with Desert Hearts. Tell me about that.

Sacha: That's very fun. Actually, a similar kind of vibe maybe.

Like hippy-ish, it's also like inclusive and more psychedelic you know, nature. Burning Man's a big component of that, and outfits.

iEDM: I read that you began playing the cello, how'd you transition to electronic music?

Sacha: I put the cello away and started playing records and deejaying, pretty much.

iEDM: What were your influences?

Sacha: Going to clubs and checking out techno, house, drum and bass, and even hip hop.

iEDM: You have a Master's degree. Is it in music?

Sacha: It's in acoustic communication, sound studies. It's a kind of creative process for me. You could do whatever you wanted with that. Different fluids and stuff. I have a Bachelor's in architecture, too. I'm an architect.

iEDM: What do you think of the Art Hotel here?

Sacha: It's very modern.

It's funny because there's like gold nuggets in the wall and the elevators. They have these dogs, like these videos of dogs.

iEDM: Did you ever do anything with your architecture degree?

Sacha: Yeah, I worked a little as an architect, but it's not my thing. I'd just rather make music.

iEDM: As festival season winds down, what was your favorite event that you’ve played this year?

Sacha: Desert Hearts. It’s awesome because it was a great time of the night. I think it was like 10pm Sunday night. It was two hours and was great. I had a lot of fun.Everyone was on acid, seeing Sloth Acid.

iEDM: What are you working on right now?

Sacha:Just focusing on the Sloth Acid Tour and some new music!

Thank you Sacha, for the chat. We enjoyed getting to know you better. You don't hear a lot of deejays having Master's degrees, and we think that's impressive. We can’t wait to catch up with you next time.


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