Show Some Leg This Summer With Our Top 10 Shorts Picks

| July 17, 2017

Summer weather is ideal for tanks and short sleeves, but sometimes people forget that their bottoms are just as important.

Summer means shorts and we have the perfect pair of shorts for you. We've compiled a list of our favorite shorts, booty or weekender- take your pick!

Whether you're walking from a picnic to a barbecue or dancing your way from one stage to the next, these shorts will be your best friend this summer. 


Booty Shorts:

1. Barbed Wire Scrunch Back Shorts

These fan-favorite booty shorts are perfect for your next rave. Utilizing a simple black design with gold accents, these shorts will match any top or accessories that you pair with them. Perfect for dancing the night away, these shorts will keep you cool and comfortable.



2. Space White and Blue Booty Shorts 

Not all booty shorts are black, and these Space White and Blue Booty Shorts perform double duty. You can show off your patriotic pride at your next festival (perfect for Made in America) and show off your legs in our high cut booty shorts. Our Space White and Blue design utilize both space vibes and our patriotic designs, and you'll fit in at every festival you attend. 



3. Dazzling Dimensions Booty Shorts 

Not all about red white and blue? Our booty shorts come in a wide range of colors and styles, and our Dazzling Dimensions Booty Shorts is one of our favorites. With its ethereal space vibes and dreamy colors, these booty shorts are sure to please no matter where you choose to wear them. 



4. Owl Medicine Booty Shorts

Our Owl Medicine design is fun and colorful, covered with fractal patterns and geometric shapes. These bold shorts can be the highlight of your outfit or paired with our other fractal and geometric themed EDM outfits



5. Confetti Cloud Booty Shorts

Our Confetti Cloud Booty Shorts are a deep galactic green and will set off your summer tan. This eye-catching design is spacey without being too out there and will turn heads at your next summer festival. 


Booty shorts are great, and a real summer wardrobe staple. But if you don't want to show too much leg, our weekender shorts are another great option. Like our booty shorts, they'll keep you cool and comfortable all summer long. 


Weekend Shorts:

6. Lush Galaxy Weekend Shorts

Space vibes aren't reserved only for booty shorts. Our Lush Galaxy Weekend Shorts are celestial with the colorful depiction of the nighttime sky. Filled with hundreds of stars of different sizes and colors, these weekenders are incredibly realistic. These shorts are casual enough for summer nighttime outings or for your next rave. 



7. Acid Pikachu Weekend Shorts

These weekender shorts are fun, colorful and playful all at the same time. Featuring everyone's favorite Pokemon in a trippy design, the Acid Pikachu design is sure to be a conversation starter when you wear them out. The bright blues and yellows on the shorts perfectly match the summer vibes and make these shorts a must-have. 



8. 90's Swoosh Weekend Shorts

One of our favorite retro designs, these 90s Swoosh Shorts remind us of everything we loved about the past decades. The ubiquitous design is familiar to anyone who knows the 90s and you'll hearken back to a simpler time. The white background of the shorts are simple with the minimalist teal and purple design, these shorts are light and comfortable. You'll stay cool at every event you attend if you wear these shorts. 



9. Dreamstate Weekend Shorts

Our Dreamstate Weekend Shorts are simple with their monochromatic color design but incredibly intricate with their black and white mandala and sacred geometry. The designs on these shorts vary between cubic angles and trippy fractal patterns, these shorts are a game-winner. 



10. Party Heart Weekend Shorts

Our Party Heart design is one of our bestselling designs and for a good reason. These weekend shorts immortalize a scene that all ravers and festivalgoers are familiar with. These weekend shorts will remind you every show that you've attended, and whether you're rocking these shorts out and about, or at a summer rave, you'll stay and look cool all night long. 


Ready to dance the summer away? Check out our entire collection of rave-ready booty shorts HERE and summer ready weekend shorts HERE for a design and a look that can't be beaten! 

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Lindsey Moriyama

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