Show Your Love For Your Feline Friends With iEDM's Cat Collection

| March 29, 2017

Cat lovers get a bad rep. The trope of lonely cat lady fills our books, movies, memes and TV shows. Personally, I don't see the correlation between odd folks and cats, but I digress.

Here in the world of EDM, we embrace everyone regardless of pet preference. (For the record, I'm a turtle person.) But for all you cat lovers out there, you can show off your love for Whiskers at your next festival with the iEDM cat collection

Eye of the Kitty Unisex Hoodie

1. Eye of the Kitty Unisex Hoodie

A simple but classy way to show how much you love cats is with the Eye of the Kitty Unisex Hoodie. This hoodie features a simple design of a blue-eyed cat with a less-than-impressed expression of a grumpy cat

I love this hoodie because of its similarity to my own face when someone rudely pushes through the crowd (you're making that face right now) and because of its simplicity. The bright blue cat eyes will catch festival-goers' attention the minute you walk by. 

Cat Collage Leggings

2. Cat Collage Leggings

Can't decide which breed of cat is your favorite? Wear all of them with our cat collage leggings. Usually, intricate designs are reserved for jackets, tanks, and shirts, but our leggings bring the design to your legs.

You can pair our fun leggings with a simple t-shirt, or if you want to make a statement, match your cat leggings with any of our cat tops. If you love this design but not on leggings, don't worry, it's available in a hoodie

Paint Kitty Tank Top

3. Paint Kitty Tank Top

I think my favorite thing about this tank top is the cat's expression. It is the exact same expression that an EDM fan would have when their favorite DJ takes the stage.

Despite the cat's relatable expression, the colors and cool comfortable fit of this tank top make it a festival must-have. 

Cat Vortex Zip-Up Hoodie

4. Cat Vortex Zip-Up Hoodie

The design and colors on this zip-up hoodie are perfect for a rave. There are hundreds of colors and a design that mimics an optical illusion. You might have to look a bit hard to find the cat flying through the vortex.

Also, the zip-up design allows you to warm up or cool off depending on how hard you've been dancing all night. This design is available in a tank top or pullover hoodie as well. 

Cat Trooper Men's Tank

5. Cat Trooper Tank Top

Our Cat Trooper Tank Top combines two of our favorite things: cats and Star Wars. This tank top has a galaxy background (and you all know how we feel about galaxy designs) complete with a cat wearing a storm trooper helmet.

EDM loves its helmets (I'm looking at you Deadmau5, Marshmello and Daft Punk) and now you can start a new helmet trend! 

6. Pika Cat Women's Tee

Some combinations are meant to be. Peanut butter and jelly, ketchup and fries, cats and Pokemon. Our Pika Cat Women's Tee channels our love of both Pokemon and cats. 

It features a Pikachu-esque cat complete with lightning bolt tail, red cheeks and dark tipped ears next to a Pokeball. Whether you're a cat lover or a Pokemon lover, you'll appeal to everyone at your next show! 

7. White Lion Unisex Hoodie 

Not feeling the cute cat? That's okay. Lions are the kings of the animal kingdom and as members of the cat family, they need to be represented too. Our White Lion Hoodie features an incredibly realistic and ethereal white lion on the front of our comfy pullover hoodie. You can swagger through festival grounds while keeping warm and regal in this unique hoodie. 

8. Fierce Tiger Crop Top 

Don't tell the lion, but the tiger is my favorite of all the cats. Our Fierce Tiger Crop Top features a hyper-realistic tiger (fangs and all) on the front of the top. The back is just as dazzling, featuring the tiger's signature orange and black stripes from strap to hem. Not a crop top person? We have it in a hoodie too! 

9. Kitty Stellar Men's Tee

Galax designs are in and cats are always fashionable. Combine the two and you have a guaranteed crowd-pleaser in our Kitty Stellar Tee. Featuring a bright nebula design on the bottom half, a celestial galaxy design on the top and a spacey (I'm so punny) cat in the middle, the Kitty Stellar Tee is perfect for any festival. 

10. Cat Hero Blanket

Sometimes with the sheer volume and variety of clothing styles that we offer, other essentials get overlooked. But our Cat Hero Blanket deserves a spot in the top ten. As if an epic cat carrying a sword with lightning in the background wasn't enough, this design is also on a blanket. 

Whether you want to sit down after a night of raving, lie back and watch the main stage from a distance, or cuddle up with your rave squad, our Cat Hero Blanket is perfect for the job. 

Didn't find something you love? Not a problem. Many of our designs come in a variety of styles and you can find cats of all shapes and colors on our shirts, tanks, crop tops, and hoodies. Check out our cat-loving brand Beloved for more options. 

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