Spag Heddy Shares Fan Stories And New Releases In iEDM Exclusive


| October 05, 2017

Dutch EDM producer Spag Heddy is known for his bass tracks across Europe and now, the U.S. Since he's has made his way to The United States, he's made a huge American fan base with his heavy dubstep music leaving a trail of die hard fans and spaghetti noodles. 

We were very excited to catch up with him at Imagine during his international tour, right before he threw down an amazing set. Here is what he had to say about fans, new music, and his journey as an artist. 


iEDM: I see you're playing at Snow Globe. Have you ever raved in the snow?

Spag Heddy: I have not and I'm very excited for Snow Globe. Personally, I'm very much a Summer guy. I love the sun and I don't like cold weather, but this is special.

iEDM: What are you looking forward to the most, playing at Imagine?

Spag Heddy: This is a pretty interesting festival for me. Especially the stage that I'm playing on. There are lots of different styles. So, today I’ll be the Dubstep artist. Whereas, at other festivals that I've played, it's mostly the same music at that specific stage. I'm pretty excited to be doing something different.

iEDM: Where was your first show in the U.S.?

Spag Heddy: The first one, of the first tour was Seattle. I think that was in the foundation. It was immediately, one of the best shows of that tour. It was an awesome beginning. I was like  "Wow, if every show is going to be like this ... I want more."

In Seattle there are a lot of bassheads, a very good crowd. They had spaghetti and meatballs. Everybody could walk up and get a plate. I ate mine on stage during my set.

iEDM: So, how often do you visit home?

Spag Heddy: The first year I was here for like a three week run. Then I would be home for like two weeks. So, I was here more than home. Now I'm trying to do two week runs, two weeks home.

iEDM: What would you say are the main difference between the U.S. scene and European scene?

Spag Heddy: There are mostly dubstep shows, like real bass head shows that I play. The whole show all around is different. People dress differently. In Europe, it's way more low key. There are more dark rooms, and no dancers or anything. We don't ever touch the microphone.

iEDM: So is it just more casual over there?

Spag Heddy: Yeah. It's more about the music. Whereas, in America, it's a show and more about the experience. EDM has become its own little culture. In Europe, it hasn’t.

iEDM: At home, do they have spaghetti at your shows?

Spag Heddy: Some fans will always try to bring it in, but it doesn't work. Way less than here though. At the American shows, there are always some crazy fans that bring all kinds of cool stuff like art that they made or spaghetti. Yesterday at the show this girl brought a freezer bag full of spaghetti. That was fun.

Once in Houston they brought a little blow-up pool and filled it entirely with spaghetti. They wrestled in it, went swimming and shit.

iEDM: Did you get in it?

Spag Heddy: I did not. By the time I was out, I think they already removed it.

iEDM: Do you have any advice for the people who are working hard to get to where you're at now?

Spag Heddy: Absolutely. I think it would just be ... What it all comes down to is just ... If you want to get ...

Your drive should be to make music. That's how it’s always been for me. I've never wanted to have a career in this, it just went really good. The most common question that I get from beginning producers is "I want to play those festivals. How do I get in touch with the famous people?"

That could be your drive, to make it in the scene, but I would say that the most important part is that you like what you do, making music.

iEDM: Would you say, that their drive should be to make music, rather than to be famous?

Spag Heddy: I think you should be true to yourself. If that’s where your drive is, then you should absolutely do it. But say that the most important thing to you is the quality of your music. If you want to stand out, then focus on making your music. Don’t worry about building a career or marketing, because you will get picked up eventually if it’s good.

iEDM: Are there any new announcements or music that we should look forward to?

Spag Heddy: I’m always working on new music. That never stops. Reheated was released yesterday and I personally selected the producers. Guys like EH!DE, Omar Valera, and Life Cycle from Holland. They all made complete different remixes with very unique takes. It's out on Never Say Die, my social media, iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. Throughout this week, the rest of the premieres will be going live, and I'll be playing a bunch of them.

Thank you, Spag Heddy for chatting with us. We enjoyed raging to your set. Catch you next time we are in the same neck of the woods! 


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