Splash House Continues To Be the EDM Oasis Palm Springs Needs

| June 14, 2018

Photo by Quinn Tucker

While you were sitting at home last weekend wondering whether or not you should have bought a ticket to Splash House, we’re struggling to piece together what actually happened during the two days event. Between three venues, three after parties, and dozens of amazing artists, the whole thing was kind of a blur of music and fun. I blame it on the heat but who knows.

Photo by Michael Drummond

The event starts off with an after party at the Palm Springs Air Museum on Friday night. Although the main event doesn’t officially start until Saturday morning, the Splash House team knew we all wanted to pregame and they delivered. Starting the Friday night with Colby J, Touch Sensitive, CODES, and ending it with Nora En Pure, the after party was just enough to get festival goers hyped for the rest of the weekend but keeping the vibe low-key enough so that they could rage the next day.


Photo by Quinn Tucker

Day one lived up to its hype with Mizu, Kidswaste, and SMLE at the Riviera. The Saguaro started strong with Charlie B2B Rossy and ended equally strong with The Magician while Dusky and Duke Dumont closed off at the Renaissance. Attendees had an hour to rest, grab food, squeeze in a much needed nap, recharge for another night of dancing through the night at the Air Museum.

Trying to figure who to see over the weekend is always the hardest part of any good festival. Do you pick Just A Gent, catch Detroit Swindle for 30 sweet minutes, or stay for Sonny Fodera’s entire one and a half hour set? Repeat 4 times a day. Here’s what you missed this weekend.

The #Bitchinbalconies Tradition continues

The grand prize winner gets a lifetime of passes to Splash House. Imagine never having to worry about how to start start your summer ever again.

1. What A ZHU @laurenseid

2. The Pirettes @Shotday

3. Bubble House @onjonmag

 Nelle dropped this fire set


A whole lot of FOMO and withdrawals

There are way too many tweets to include but #splashhouse on twitter and everyone is either planning to go in August because they missed out last weekend or they’re trying to figure out how they survived the weekend. You’ll have one last chance this summer to catch the August event but tickets and hotel packages are going fast so now is a good time to get your squad to finally agree on something, and grab those tickets before you’re stuck with another round of FOMO. 

The one thing we won’t miss

The heat. Splash House was lit, literally and metaphorically. Temperatures reached above 100 degrees. Thank god for the shuttles because it would have been chaos without them. Water is provided poolside but if you’re trying to stay in the pool to avoid the heat, hydration packs are allowed so make sure you pick one up before heading to SH. 

The Renaissance reached capacity both days

The real question is, why wouldn’t you? On both days, the line for the Renaissance was at least a 30 minutes wait at all times. Ground control even had to deny entry on Sunday because everyone wanted to be there when ZHU dropped Blacklizt. My advice is to plan ahead and get to where you need to be if you’re going to a highly anticipated set when Splash House comes back to Palm Springs in August for round 2!


Get your tickets for August HERE.

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