Steve Darko Discusses "That's Hot" exclusively on iEDM interview!

Today is a special day as fresh DIRTYBIRD act Steve Darko marks the return to the label with his new EP "That's Hot." Steve has blown away the house community since his debut with DIRTYBIRD last year. From the looks of it, it's all uphill from here! Steve's signature style of deep tones and futuristic sounds is displayed so well in this two tracker EP that clearly unleashes a darker side of Birdhouse. From developing iZotope's software, Steve schools us with his ongoing records of underground tech house hits. Steve's tunes literally do speak for themselves as rising artist received massive recognition from tech house pioneer Claude VonStroke. The praise was indeed reciprocated as Steve earned the role as direct supporting act for the head honcho on an extensive USA run. 

The titled track ‘That’s Hot’ toils with the legendary soundbite from socialite Paris Hilton as a blend of minimal and tech house influences materialize through cutting edge synths and blunt beats. The Uncle Kev & Unagi-assisted “I Miss Your Face” takes the EP in a darker direction that releases a sinister energy through wailing mysterious synths and thick acid distortion, stirring up a dangerous ambiance on the dance floor. 

iEDM had the pleasure of getting to know Steve Darko a bit more. Learn more about this house legend in the works!


iEDM: What were your thoughts of the Dirtybird  label prior to releasing music on with them?

Steve: Prior to releasing music on Dirtybird I loved Dirtybird and went to a bunch of their parties. Landing a record on Dirtybird was a huge goal of mine.

iEDM: Who are your dream collaborators and why? 

Steve: Would love to do a track with Ardalan at some point - his production style is weird and very technical which does the trick for me.  Would also love to write something super funky with Claude.

iEDM: Where else will we see you touring 2020? 

Steve: All over the US and Canada, maybe Australia and who knows where else.

iEDM: Any new music/ collabs in the works you can tell us about?

Steve: I have a collab EP with Sacha Robotti coming out on his new label, Slothacid very soon.  Lots of other collabs in the works - most recently I’ve been working on some tunes with Brazilian producers, Plastic Robots.

iEDM: Who are your biggest inspirations and influences in your music and why?

Steve: Some combo of Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead, Biggie, The Crystal Method and The Chemical Brothers.  These are a few artists I listened to growing up who really inspired me to start playing and writing music when I was a wee lad and continue to inspire me today.

iEDM: What are your favorite pastimes outside of music?

Steve: Playing with my cat, cooking, software engineering

iEDM: Any new producers you'd like to shout out and put on our radar?

Cour T, The Sponges, Oonagi, Bøats

iEDM: Can you touch upon what this song is about?

“That’s Hot” is about a female bird judging male birds who perform mating dances for her (like that scene on that episode of Planet Earth or one of those other six nature shows narrated by David Attenborough - I forget which one).  They puff their chests up and make their feathers turn magical colors or whatever, you know… bird stuff. I wrote this song with my girlfriend, “Big J”, who did the vocals, and my eel buddy, “oonagi”.


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| November 15, 2019

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