10 Stocking Stuffers For Music Festival Lovers

| December 05, 2018

Regardless if you celebrate the holidays or not, small gift are always in season to show loved ones you care. Get your music enthusiasts something they can bring to their next event. 


1. Yantra Crop Top


It might be cold where you at this winter but it's never a bad time to get a wild child excited for the warm weather. 




2. The Messenger Tapestry 


Spice up a loved one's home with our collection of tapestries. It's never been easier to display fun artwork at home. 




3. GloFX Team Glove Set: Joker


Give the gift of self expression! We all know someone looking to get into the flow arts but maybe a little intimated. This basic glove set is an easy segue into discovering one's flow potential. 




4. Starseeker Leggings


These Starseeker leggings are a great stocker stuffer for those who are active and vibrant! Help them stand out by giving them the opportunity to flaunt what nature gave them. 




5. Neverland Men's Tank


Let's not forget that life persists even on those dreary, dark winter days. Remind a music head that we must never let the darkness consume the light that dwells within us. 




6. Sunburst Beats


Call me a grandma but one of my favorite stocking stuffers is a fresh pair of new socks. The everyday item reminds me that a loved one is looking to prepare me for the future. Stock a friend up with the essentials for next festival season




7. Eyecopi Kopie Slim Phone Case



Protect a friend this season with our multiple styles of phone cases. We all know someone who needs it. 




8. Galactic Valley Bandana 


Who doesn't like a tree filled horizon with a stunning galactic background? Inspire those around you to enjoy the splendor around us. 




9. GloFX Team 6-LED Orbit: Oceanview 


Great things come in small packages. Share this compact orbital with a light enthusiast near you. 




10. Tribal Kaleidoscope Glasses- Rainbow Fractal- Flat Back 



Now, these are super fun! Brighten up anyone's day by offering them an altered perspective on reality. I bet they will thank you. 


We cannot thank you enough for supporting us here at iEDM. Check out are Collections of Accessories HERE. As always, keep being you!


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