Summer Camp Festival Is the Best Midwest Throwdown Around

| June 05, 2018

This past Memorial Day weekend Summer Camp attendees were yet again blessed with astonishing music and energy that we will never forget. This was my favorite year so far because of how the festival has such amazing production along with such a tight-knit community. 

From the minute the gates opened there was nonstop entertainment that over exceeded all expectations. Being from the Midwest, I’ve attended just about every major festival in the area and nothing comes close to touching the quality of Summer Camp. 

Now that the dust has settled and we’ve had a moment to unwind from the mayhem of this year's event, let’s reflect on all the things that made it so special.


Eclectic Sounds for an Eclectic Crowd

Summer Camp attracts a variety of music lovers from across the country. Many are either die hard electronic music or jam band fans who have seen enough live music to sense when there is authenticity present. 

However, the performances were so engaging and genuine that practically everyone was satisfied. Moe. definitely stole the show with some of their best performances I’ve witnessed to date. Some of the highlights from the sets for me was hearing gems "Plane Crash", "Kyle’s Song", and "Moth". Umphrey’s McGee also amazed the crowd with emotion packed sets for 3 nights straight. 

When it comes to electronic music, Diplo took everyone by surprise with an intense and heart pounding performance. Many people were expecting a cookie cutter set from him so he made sure to deliver a set that would silence haters and keep everyone dancing all night. The one and only mastermind Tipper obliterated the minds of anyone in attendance of his incredible set. Bassheads were also in for a treat when Zeke Beats teased Bassnectar’s remix of his track "Meltdown" at the Vibe Tent. 

These artists along with many others at the festival played some of their most invigorating sets here which made it that much more special. The fact that Summer Camp was able to bring out so many legends from a range of genres is what made this year’s event resonate with so many fans.    

Conservation Efforts 

Conservation is something that me and many other Scampers are very passionate about and the organizers wholeheartedly took that into account. When I attend a festival a major deciding factor as to whether I go back or not is if there are environmental initiatives present. 

Huge multi-day events like this have the potential to produce a lot of unnecessary waste so it is essential for festivals to make effort to combat and minimize it. Summer Camp not only achieved this, but educated attendees on the importance of implementing these practices to our daily lives. Instead of simply having trash bins, recycling and composting stations were present all over the festival. 

Along with that the Soulshine Tent featured many workshops that educated festival goers on the environment and conservation. These efforts are a step in the right direction and sets a great example for other festivals on how events can go beyond the partying and be a lasting educational experience.  

On top of the festival’s efforts, I noticed many people going out of their way to pick up trash that did not belong to them multiple times. It just goes to show that people truly care about the impact we are making and respect the festival grounds. Summer Camp is on the right track with their environmental initiatives and I can’t wait to see what other initiatives they will partake in the future.

The Inviting Atmosphere

One of the most outstanding aspects of Summer Camp is how welcoming the atmosphere is. There wasn’t a single moment I did not feel loved or accepted while I was there. This isn’t your typical large scale festival crowd – it genuinely felt like a family. 

Everyone was approachable and eager to connect with fellow attendees and make the most out of their experience. The overall mentality of the crowd was to not only to have the time of their lives but also bring positivity to others while doing so. I saw a lot of people looking out for one another, whether it was sharing water or talking to someone who looked like they needed a friend. 

The caring and open minded community that has built around Summer Camp is what keeps so many longtime attendees coming back and it is growing stronger by the year. 


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