Tchami And Malaa Shake Brooklyn Hangar on No Redemption Tour

| December 07, 2017

You ever think "wow those two producers would perform a kickass back to back set"? Of course you do, we're ravers, we fantasize about dream back to back sets all the time.

That being said, when Tchami and Malaa - two of the biggest names in future house - announced that they were touring together AND performing a back to back set, I was sold.

Hot on the heels of their newly released collaboration "Sermon," No Redemption made its way down to New York and iEDM was there for it.

On Friday night I made my way down to Brooklyn Hangar for one of the most anticipated back to back sets in future house. 

The openers (Nelvis, Webster Hall's Hiyawatha, and XCPRT) set the stage for the hyped back to back set. The second I walked into the venue, I could feel the beats from the soles of my ravaged Vans to the top of my head.

One thing that I have to say about the crowd at No Redemption is this: They brought good vibes and PLUR. I found myself in the middle of a group of shufflers going hard and fast to the deep dark beats of future house. I've never seen a happier group of people at a local show, the vibes there were worthy of a festival, and it was such a great experience.  


The second the stage was revealed, I knew we were in for a good time. The Pardon My French team transformed the stage into a Gothic facade, that wouldn't look out of place in a French cathedral. From pillars to stained glass, the team held nothing back with this incredible stage. And of course, on the left was Tchami and on the right Malaa. 

On the titular EP, Tchami described it as: 

"We each have our own specific sound. Malaa’s music embraces the early street vibe of house music from its origin in the streets of Chicago and Detroit. My sound portrays another side of the genre: positive, spiritual. This project combines the two elements and messages to represent house music as a whole while creating something new. The best of both worlds. This tour will give fans the opportunity to see the different worlds come together quite literally in the unique production that will depict two elements, both visually and musically, on stage."

No Redemption was a future house lover's dream. Tchami and Malaa cycled through their vast collection of tracks to weave a complex and heavy set. Old favorites like "Afterlife," "Notorious," "Promesses," "Fade," and "Siaw" saw airtime.

In addition to the old, new tracks were played too, presumably from the forthcoming and titular EP including the hot collaboration "Sermon."

In their typical fashion, both producers ignored the microphones in favor of their decks and played an hour and a half long set that kept the shufflers shuffling all night long.

Tchami and Malaa absolutely slayed their tour, keep an eye out for the forthcoming EP. If the tour was any indication, the collaborative EP will be fire. 

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Lindsey Moriyama

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