The Halloween Barn Bash: iEDM Exclusive Interview With Founders

| October 16, 2017

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means party, party, party! This weekend, on October 21st, the festive fun is taking over Spring City, TN at the 11th annual Halloween Barn Bash.

With 11 years in the biz, it's had time to grow in to something more than just a normal shindig. The Barn offers a variety of unique entertainment. The couple who throw it told us what its all about and how it started. Here is what they had to say.  


iEDM: When was the first Barn Bash?

Tiffany Gould: The first Barn Bash took place back in 2006. It was the year Tim turned 21 and he wanted to throw a big party, just because he could legally do it! He ordered two kegs, told some friends, and a couple hundred people showed up. Free beer in a cool spot was quite popular. Two friends broke out their guitars and then someone deejayed some music. It got pretty wild! 

iEDM: What are some of the differences in the first Barn Bash and the current Barn Bash?

Tiffany Gould: There are many differences between the current event and the first one. In the beginning it was largely locals-only attendance, the "promotion" was mostly by word of mouth. One band performed and there was no admission. It was basically a gathering of personal friends and everyone dressing up and getting rowdy. 

Today it's a bit more streamlined and we have a much more diverse lineup. The Halloween Barn Bash this year showcases many live bands and DJs, everything from rock to reggae and blues, all the way to trap, dubstep, hip hop, and even beatboxing. We try to provide a little something for everyone's tastes. We also have amazing visual artists and performers which help to make it a more immersive experience. We enjoy providing a short escape from reality. Everyone can use that now days. 


Tim Gould: We also began charging admission a few years ago. This provides us with the ability to seek out more performers and compensate everyone accordingly. These musicians and artists work hard, and we need to make their efforts worthwhile. We also hope to expand to a bigger venue and upgrade to better equipment in the future. 

As far as promotion goes, word of mouth is still encouraged, but we have also implemented social media and the distribution of  posters and flyers. 

iEDM: What inspired The Barn?

Tiffany Gould: Our inspiration for The Barn stemmed from the success of the parties in the beginning and people asking for more. Tim and I are veteran music festival attendees and really enjoy the atmosphere they provide. We decided we could do something similar, albeit on a much smaller scale, and see what happened. 

We have an amazing group of close friends, all of them possessing unique talents and abilities. After a lot of brainstorming we came up with this collaborative effort with everyone pitching in and providing their own unique skill set. 

Many of our friends are talented musicians and we have a deep love and respect for local artists and performers. We wanted to provide a place to showcase their talent. We couldn't have made any of this happen without them, so they are the real MVPs.


Timothy Gould: Our vision is to eventually expand to a larger venue and utilize the beautiful area of the country we live in. Spring City is a very small town, population barely at 2,000, but we are surrounded by rolling hills and mountains, incredible hiking trails, and the biggest lake on the Tennessee River system. It's also in sort of a prime, centralized location to many larger cities in the Southeast.  It's an absolutely gorgeous area, and it would be great for our local economy if we could bring a larger group in at least once a year to enjoy it. 

iEDM: What are the main highlights of your Halloween adventures so far?

Tiffany Gould: There's been lots of highlights over the years, but my personal favorite thing about the Halloween Barn Bash is seeing how creative people get with their costumes. We've had some really amazing ones, some people go all out! 

Other highlights include the amazing performances The Barn has seen over the years. It's such an intimate setting for a live show that it allows our audience to have an interactive experience with whoever is on the stage. We've had psychedelic lions playing trombone and drum battles in the middle of the crowd, to acrobats soaring overhead during a nasty guitar solo. The bass gets so loud during the electronic sets that the barn will rattle and people can hear it from miles away...that's pretty cool. 

iEDM: It’s BYOB, but will there be any drinks or food?

Tiffany Gould: This year we will have a food truck selling burgers and BBQ, along with a few vegetarian options, for our guests. We will also have a stand selling non alcoholic beverages and snacks as well. Water will be provided to everyone at no charge. Coolers are allowed so people can bring snacks and drinks with them if they like. 

iEDM: What kind of art vendors will be there?

Tiffany Gould: A Collective Mind Art will be set up selling an amazing collection of handmade wire wrapped crystals and precious stones. Aaron Kopowski is the artist, and he does really incredible work. Can wrap nearly anything with beautiful precision, and even does custom orders. He will be selling artwork created by a few other artists, and we will have some posters for the Barn Bash available for purchase as well.  As of right now he is our only vendor, but we are always open to others that show interest. 

iEDM: What is the camping area like?

Tiffany Gould: The camping area is a spacious, shaded area in the woods behind the barn. We don't allow personal fires, but we have a large community bonfire nearby that everyone gathers around. 

iEDM: At what time is the Barn Bash held?

Tiffany Gould: The event is only one day, Saturday,  October 21st. Our gates will open around 1pm that day for people who would like to arrive early and set up camp. The music won't begin until later that evening. The event will end when the sun comes up on Sunday, and the gates will close at noon. 


iEDM: Are there any rules?

Tiffany Gould: We have the usual list of rules you normally see at events. However our number one rule is to have a good time...arrive with a positive attitude and an open mind. Oh, and you've got to be at least 21, of course. 

No smoking inside the barn
No glass
No weapons of any kind
No illegal substances
No pets (registered service animals are allowed)
No fireworks
No vending without permission      
No professional photography without prior consent                                                          
No personal fires


iEDM: What can we expect?

Tiffany Gould: Expect to see many interesting costumes, stunning visuals, and lots of surprises. Be prepared for an amazing assortment of music and get ready to feel that bass in your soul. We have treats for the eyes and ears. Fire spinners and 3D projections... you never know what you will experience next. If you come with a positive attitude, you are guaranteed to have a good time. We offer a place where you can be yourself, or someone else for a night if you wish. Halloween is cool like that. 


Thanks Tiffany for informing us about all of the festive fun you are planning for us. The Barn Bash sounds like something truly special. We can't wait for the experience. 

Grab your tickets by clicking, HERE. Pack your tent, wear your best costume, and BYOB. See ya at the Barn! 

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All photo credits: Ross Bartels of IN ORBIT Productions LLC

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