The Meadows Festival Recap: The Ultimate Summer Highlight Of 2017

| September 25, 2017

It might officially be the fall season but music lovers are still feeling the heat from last weekend. Music lovers couldn't ask for a better way to end the summer!

The Meadows festival in New York City hosted thousands of passionate fans from all over the world as every genre was more than well-represented across the board.  From GTA to Jay Z, almost every act that appeared at the biggest event of the summer made sure to bring their festival best. If someone was looking for quality music three days in a row, The Meadows was the perfect culmination of incredibly talented and passionate artists who gave it their all.

Big Wild got the party started just right last Friday. He kicked serious ass during the daylight hours with nonstop energy that lasted for over 45 minutes. His performance would continue to set the tone for the rest of the festival.

Acts including Weezer, Migos, Broods, LL Cool J, Léon, Sleigh Bells and Big Boi knocked it straight out of the infamous Citi Field. There were countless smiles to be had because attendees of The Meadows were in pure, musical nirvana. Big Gigantic killed it on Saturday while the sun was beginning to set. The experience was pure magic.   

Bassnectar stole the show Sunday night by dropping banger after banger. His entire set was near mystical status. Casual listeners who might have otherwise passed him by on the Queens Blvd stage came to a sudden stop. They were pulled into his dark and mysterious world as they continued to dance the rest of their night away. It was an impressive sight to see as Bassnectar was going complete opposite of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. He drew a very impressive crowd where the die-hard EDM kids came out in full force to support one of the top acts in the electronic game today.

It wouldn't be a memorable festival without proper food and drinks. Interscope Records’ Electric Sky Wine proved to be a very popular choice among festival-goers throughout the duration of The Meadows. A stylish and hip crowd made sure to cheerfully clink their accessible wine glasses together while celebrating their love for good music. Who could really say no to Pinot Grigio and Rose in cute containers?  Electric Sky Wine made sure you looked good while getting your booze on.

To accompany all of the drinks, the selection of food was bangin'. iEDM still can't get over the mouthwatering and delicious offerings of giant mozzarella sticks from Big Mozz. Once you had one stick, you wanted to down at least a dozen more. They were truly that good. In case you wanted to treat your sweet tooth,  had you covered. Eating chocolate chip cookie dough never tasted so good.

All of this talk about music and food has us already counting down to next year's festival! We are looking forward to what The Meadows will bring us all in 2018. 

Who's with us?

A big thank you to The Meadows for hosting iEDM! We had an amazing time at the festival. Attendees especially loved our Cheshire Cat t-shirt! We look forward to returning next year. To read more recaps of your favorite festivals, click HERE.

Electric Sky Wine photos provided by David Perez.

All other photos were graciously provided by Kevin Jackson Jr. You can view more of Kevin's work by clicking HERE.

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