The Ultimate Rave Starter-Pack Guide: What To Wear To A Festival

| June 09, 2019

Tired of your friends trying to drag you to raves every weekend? Maybe you decided to muster up the courage to conquer the world of pacifiers, pashminas and shuffling? Or just finally giving into the temptation of dancing? Whatever the reason that has gotten you to click on this article, we have specifically designed this for you — the first-time raver— so that you're equipped with all the essentials to have a blast on the dance-floor and at the festival.


Hydration Packs


Before you buy anything else or even dare to leave the house to your first rave, get yourself a hydration pack and hang out to it for life. Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for yourself at a rave, especially in the summer when it's easy to find yourself dehydrated. Grab a pack that you vibe with and keep both you and your squad hydrated all summer!

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Keep the glare out of your eyes with some stylish shades. You're guaranteed to use your sunglasses at least once or twice during those long summer raves and make sure you don't forget to protect your eyes. We love to mix it up with some kaleidoscope glasses that will enhance your experience with beautiful visuals. 

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Crop Tops

The crop-top is a staple for women's rave wear and a piece that you can never go wrong with. Breathable and comfortable, crop-tops come in a variety of lengths, cuts and patterns. We love loose-fitting crop-tops that give you room to throw your hands in the air and go crazy. 

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Festival Tees

Party in both style and comfort with a loose-fitting graphic tee. Raves are a playground for expressing your personality and fashion. Make a statement with whatever shirt you choose for the day or night and don't forget to take a flick to remember what an awesome time you had. 

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Your shoe of choice will determine how long you last on the dance-floor so don't skimp out on buying a pair of comfortable, durable shoes. While some people opt for comfortable hiking sandals or can strut in platform boots, for a first-time raver, your go-to should be a pair of sneakers that you can walk or dance in for hours without feeling discomfort. We love this pair of galaxy light-ups. 

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The bandana is basically the signature of ravewear and an incredibly easy look to achieve. Wear it up or down, on your head or neck, or tie it around your waist, ankle or arm. The possibilities are endless! The bandana is the perfect accent piece to a simple outfit. Pro-tip: soak it in ice-cold water to keep yourself cool.

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If you're looking to bring more things with you to the rave, you may want to opt for a backpack instead of a hydration pack to fit everything in. Backpacks offer a more casual look as opposed to a hydration pack and often times, venues that aren't festivals won't have refill stations where you can fill your hydration pack. If you know beforehand that they won't and that you'll have to buy your water, a backpack may be the way to go. 

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A hoodie is always key to have even in the summer because you never know when a use for it calls. It can get chilly at night and the last thing you want to do is not get to enjoy the rave because you're freezing. Hoodies can also come in clutch when you get caught in the rain or act as a blanket if you feel like relaxing on the ground. 

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Diffraction Glasses

You may have packed your sunglasses, but did you remember your diffractions? Diffraction goggles elevate your rave experience to a whole other level, giving the user a whole world of light shows right in your own goggles. Have those sunglasses on during the daytime and trade them in for your diffractions once it gets dark. 

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Ditch the jeans and tight pants for something much more comfortable. Shorts are perfect for raves where you'll be moving your legs constantly, jumping up and down and breaking out a sweat. When you're popping a squat, you'll thank us for these shorts.

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We hope everybody had an amazing time at EDCLV this year. Sending love and good vibes to those who are off to Bonnaroo and Electric Forest. Remember to pack that sunscreen and check your packing list one last time.


If you're still stuck on what to wear, check out iEDM's Festival Collection HERE. Safe raving!

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Jessica Mao

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