Tipper & Friends Prepares For A Magical Weekend Ahead At Suwannee

| April 18, 2019

Tipper & Friends is not an event for the masses, instead it meant to unify a niche audience of glitchy bass lovers and the cult-like following of Dave Tipper.

Between his team’s melting visual production, paired with incredible multidimensional artists, and the location chosen for this event, it’s guaranteed to be an incredible weekend. 


The Location Is On One Of The Best Festival Grounds In The US

Suwannee Lake is unmatched in beauty and layout. The natural Spanish moss adds a natural vibe we love. When I was debating on what events to attend this year, I decided Tipper and friends would be a great choice as the Tipper set was the most packed part of the Hulaween last year and also one of my personal favorites. Tipper and friends is a capped event at 7500, about 1/3 of what the hulas crowd size was, but at the same location. It promises an intimate vibe rich with skillful production and art.



The Positive Vibes Show Even Upon Finding A Ticket 

The event sold out so I hit the ticket exchange group on Facebook in hopes of picking up a ticket. There I discovered the anti scalper vibe was treated as law. Anyone selling or paying over face value are ousted and admonished for nurturing an environment that creates scalper and bots. Persevering the integrity of the event is ultimately the fans responsibility and the Tipper fans are doing a great job on that front.People would post a ticket and sell it at face value just $180 and say things like I got 20 offers in 2 mins in the comments. It would be easy to make money but the fans agree it would cost the culture more to turn a profit at this point.



The Lineup Is Curated For Drippy Bass Lovers 

Friday features a Full Moon Bicycle Day celebration, and epic 420 party and then a Lazy Sunday closing. 

This festival is boasting intimate vibes, great art, hammock hangouts, and even an exciting VJ lineup with names like Datagarma, Steven Haman, B1nyry, Jonathan Singer, The Void, Fractaled Visions, Dro1d Cullen Hassel, Rexaffects, Woulg and Ott. I personally can not wait.


For more info on this incredible event, visit the website HERE.


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