Top 10 Accessories For Miami Music Week And Ultra 2024: Bandanas, Shades, Bucket Hats, + More

Ultra Miami, Miami Music Week 2024, Accessories, Sunglasses, Bucket Hats, Bandanas

| March 11, 2024

Prepare to elevate your style game for Miami Music Week and Ultra 2024 with our curated list of must-have accessories. From statement bandanas to sleek shades and trendy bucket hats, these essentials will ensure you stand out in the crowd while staying cool and protected under the Miami sun. 

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Accessories For Miami Music Week And Ultra 2024 below.


10) Galactic Invader Sunglasses Visor 


This unique visor-sunglasses hybrid is a frequent accessory on our fashion countdowns, and for good reason. They are extremely reflective so you never have to worry about getting the sun in your eyes, even in peak daytime at Bayfront Park. This is primed to be worn at Ultra throughout the weekend.

Galactic Invader Sunglasses Visor
Galactic Invader Sunglasses Visor courtesy of @itsalyssatran


9) Sunset Pattern Double Bandana Mask


Simple yet effective in its aesthetic, the Sunset Pattern Double Bandana Mask is a must-have. These bandana masks are lightweight and flexible, which means you can rep it without sweating under the hot sun. There is a soothing blend of pink to yellow across the graphic.


8) Pastel Fundamental Bandana


The Pastel Fundamental Bandana is a fundamental piece to any outfit. It has a seamless fusion of delicate pigments, from white to light pink, blue, and green. Its symmetrically drawn circles are a nice complement to the rest of the design.




7) Rave Glitch OG Bucket Hat


Throw on this bucket hat if you are looking to match the distortion and flashy visuals of Ultra's RESISTANCE stages. This accessory will pair well with virtually any outfit, and gives off similar vibes to house and techno. Glitch into a state of nonstop dance when you toss on this headwear.


6) Billionaire Beats


Rise to billionaire status as soon as you put on these suave shades from iEDM. The orange glowing lenses and sleek gray frames are a combination that will look good with any outfit. Since these shades are not overly dark, you can wear them at a wide array of events and festivals, from Factory Town parties to Ultra to Miami hotel darties.




5) Silver Metallic Fanny Pack


Even though the design is not overly complicated, iEDM's Silver Metallic Fanny Pack is beyond useful. It has multiple applications, like allowing you to store your personal items and simultaneously coordinating with your cool outfits. At only $25, whatever fanny pack you decide to go with will be a steal.


4) The Mystic River Bandana


A melting pot of vibrant colors, the Mystic River Bandana is guaranteed to add a splash of rainbow and positive energy to your MMW outfits. It can be worn on your forehead or over your face, depending on the vibe of the stage or overall setting you find yourself in.


3) Customizable Color Tinted Luminescence Glasses


Pull up to Ultra as raver royalty with this stellar pair of light-up glasses. You can choose between rainbow bug eye or rainbow edge cut lenses, wire color can be picked between blue, pink, red, green, yellow, or purple.

Feel free to upgrade to the Customizable Ultimate Kaleidoscope Luminescence Glasses as well. Then there are the Customizable Multicolor Tracer Luminescence Diffraction Glasses for a sick double-wired outer lining, where you can layer two bright colors together.




2) Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles


A level up from the previous glasses, these goggles are no joke. They are the go-to option for bass heads and underground techno fans who love getting deep into the pit of each crowd. It comes with an adjustable elastic band to fit any size head, rubber frame-pads for comfort, 14 selectable brightness levels, and a remote control that is conveniently pocket-sized with easy to use functions. 

Major highlights of these goggles are the infinity effect forged by the many LED pixels and one-way mirror lenses, along with having over 350 modes, from basic solid colors to intense multicolored settings. Your favorite modes can be saved in the goggles' on-board memory, so you can later access them at the push of a button. There are also plenty of add-on options like an extra USB rechargeable battery pack and a microfiber carrying case for a boost in protection. 

Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles

Pixel Pro Infinite Portal Goggles courtesy of @edmcupid_


1) Paradise Palm Trees Bucket Hat


Taking down the top spot on our list, the Paradise Palm Trees Bucket Hat is a gem destined for the beaches of Miami and Bayfront Park. Whether you are at the Nautilus Hotel, Hyde Beach, Ultra, Club Space, or E11EVEN, this tropical fit will have admirers coming up to you at all times.


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