Top 10 All Over Print Sneaker Designs For 2020


| August 11, 2018


Whether you are a shuffler, stepper or slider, make sure your feet are well equipped to express every move in your inventory of dance moves.

From Drum and Bass and Dubstep to House and Techno, come prepared for every type of tempo with a brilliant pair of shoes for the dance floor. Check out these sneakers with vivid all-over print and get a pair for your next big festival or back to school


1. Dream Waves Men's High-Top Sneakers


We have all had that show that seems too perfect to be real. Whether all your favorite tracks are being played or you are surrounded by all your best friends, reality is exceeding expectations. Get these shoes for the next dream-like experience. 




2. Neverland Women's High-Top Sneakers


If you enjoy the more classic things in life, take a gander at some of our floral designs. Never grow old with these trendy sneaker. See how far you fly when you just believe. 




3. Galactic Dragon Scale Teal Men's High-Top Sneakers


The dragon is said to represent dignity, honor, success and luck. Step in those these shoes as you conquer all the obstacles set in your way. Find your highest self and ride it to the end. 




4. Supine Women's High-Top Sneakers


Do not lay supine as you meet the opportunities of the day. Rise up and step into action as the world demands your bravery and strength. Come to the table prepared with your brand new sneakers and stay on your toes as life brings the unexpected. 




5. Easy Changes Men's High-Top Sneakers



We all know that change does not come easy but as we climb, slow and steady, we can achieve renewal where we were not expecting it. Enjoy fleeting moments of clarity and success. Prepare yourself for the hike and enjoy the view!




6. Spent Women's High-Top Sneakers


How much time do we spend in shoes? How much time is spent taking care of our feet? Take the time to honor the bones, tissue and muscles that get us through the day. Light a room up with these vibrant sneakers.




7. Tiger Men's High-Top Sneakers


Have you got the eye of the tiger? Walk with confidence when you try on this pair of tiger sneakers. Embody the stealthy feline in it's every quality. 




8. Eyecopi Kopie Women's High-Top Sneakers


See the world in a new light when you walk around the neighborhood. You won't miss a thing when you strap yourself into these pair of sightful shoes. 




9. Skull 49 Men's High-Top Sneakers


These sneakers are a perfect mix of light and darkness. With an explosive, vibrant galaxy background and an ominous skull coming through, yin and yang coexist. Wear this pair to represent the infinite balance of light and dark. 




10. Lion Color Women's High-Top Sneakers


Feel proud as your rock these high energy, colorful lions on your heel. Approach each day as a ferocious leader and attack the day with courage. 



Each pair of these animated sneakers can be found in men's and women's sizes. Click HERE to view the sizing charts.


iEDM is dedicated to making sure you are equipped for all the adventures life takes you. Browse our iEDM High-Top Collection HERE and get your next pair of vibrant kicks. 

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Her first festival was Electric Forest which inspired her to pursue a creative life. She began participating with the Bassnectar team and shortly after starting working behind the scenes of a multitude of music and art events.

You can find her running around Denver getting involved in all things art and music.

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