Top 10 Aquatic-Theme Outfits To Wear To Imagine Music Festival 2023

Imagine Music Festival 2023

| August 15, 2023

Dive into a realm where fashion merges with fantasy; prepare to embark on a sartorial odyssey that channels the mesmerizing depths of the ocean and the ethereal allure of aquatic wonders. From iridescent bubbly ensembles that shimmer like sunlight on water, to celestial jellyfish-inspired attire that billows with grace, this curated collection transcends fashion, becoming a portal to a realm of imagination.

Join us as we navigate the currents of style and sound, inspiring you to dress not just for the occasion, but for the immersive experience itself. And by immersive experience, we mean Georgia's event of the year, Imagine Music Festival.

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Aquatic-Theme Outfits To Wear To Imagine below.


10) Portal Home Blue Swim Trunks

Portal Home Blue Swim Trunks

An emphatic fusion of luminescent aqua-blue, molten textures, and the everlasting realm of space, these Portal Home Blue Swim Trunks will take you on the adventure of a lifetime. Two bright beams on each side opens a passageway to the unknown. The key to unlock this passage is loads of ethereal bass music, which is guaranteed to be present at Imagine.

Check out iEDM's Portal Home Blue Swim Trunks HERE!


9) Endless Ocean T-Shirt

Endless Ocean T-Shirt

Surf away any stress or anxiety you may have when you toss on this calming yet spellbinding t-shirt from iEDM. Like the previous apparel, this graphic merges interstellar tropes and beautiful waves. Follow this fearless astronaut as they glide across the oceanic landscape towards their destination.

Check out iEDM's Endless Ocean T-Shirt HERE!


8) Dose Of Sunset Bucket Hat

Dose Of Sunset Bucket Hat

This Dose Of Sunset Bucket Hat is providing more than just a dose. It leads way to a psychoactive journey of rifts oozing with color. The intricate patterns show symmetry that will captivate ravers from even the other stages at Imagine. The centerpiece is a seamlessly blended sun, composed of a soft pink, red, orange, yellow, and lime green.

Check out iEDM's Dose Of Sunset Bucket Hat HERE!


7) Upside Down Sweatshirt

Upside Down Sweatshirt

A must-add to any festival-goers collection, it is unbelievable how clear-cut and lifelike this depiction is. iEDM's Upside Down Sweatshirt takes CGI to another level as it showcases the sheer aesthetic nature and mystery of the sea floor. Not to mention, it will keep you nice and cozy during each night while camping at Imagine.

Check out iEDM's Upside Down Sweatshirt HERE!


6) Deep Wisdom Tank

Deep Wisdom Tank

While it provides the capability to show off the work you've been putting in at the gym, this tank goes way beyond its surface. There are so many different elements of this top to get lost in, from the various shades of blue to the inviting environment of the ocean. Additionally, the figure depicted is full of wook wisdom that they are ready to share with their beholder.

Check out iEDM's Deep Wisdom Tank HERE!


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5) Distant Memory Swim Trunks

Distant Memory Swim Trunks

One may argue that this design has little to do with being aquatic-themed. The amazing reflection of the sunset and city skyline would beg to differ. The creative diamond patterns are a solid match to the lush clouds that float over them. Plus, you can wear these swim trunks at Imagine's pool parties, and groove the day away to Disco Dom.

Check out iEDM's Distant Memory Swim Trunks HERE!


4) Ghost Rider T-Shirt

Ghost Rider T-Shirt

Any late 90s or early 2000s baby knows The Flying Dutchman. This shirt takes the iconic ship from Pirates of the Caribbean and reinvents it in a psychedelic manner. The teal neon and orange sails are a prime complement to the murky deck and cabins that lie below. Given its name, this fit would be great to rock to during Hi! 

Check out iEDM's Ghost Rider T-Shirt HERE!


3) Voyager Tank

Voyager Tank

Taking down the bronze spot on our list is this brave astronaut treading confidently through dangerous waters. You too can be as courageous as this space explorer with this tank added to your rave wardrobe. The main reason space and ocean are a typical combination in these designs is that they both are made up of uncharted territory filled with endless possibilities.

Check out iEDM's Voyager Tank HERE!





2) Shameless Curtain Hoodie

Shameless Curtain Hoodie

We aren't really sure how this print got its name. But if one thing is for certain, it is that this design is simultaneously absolutely terrifying and magnetizing. The eight-tentacled aquatic beast is dripping with purple, blue, and pink paint splatters. This octopus's unyielding milky white eyes precede its rainbow-meshed brain.

Check out iEDM's Shameless Curtain Hoodie HERE!


1) Galactic Waves T-Shirt

Galactic Waves T-Shirt

How can you not pick this gem as the number 1 must-have apparell at this year's Imagine Music Festival. As a wave of hot pink and boiled red crashes down, a space magician majestically rides a dolphin in this incredible design. The Galactic Waves T-Shirt is optimal for getting splashed by the infinite waves of bass from Subtronics b2b Ganja White Night at Imagine.

Check out iEDM's Galactic Waves T-Shirt HERE!


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