Top 10 Back To School Must-Have Styles From iEDM

| August 12, 2018

Summer is ending quickly and everyone has geared up to be back in the classroom. It's time to gather your textbooks, and plan at least one last summer hoorah! 

Whether you are going back to crush your senior year, are headed back to college, or beginning dorm life, heading back to school is always a nerve wrecking time, but at the same time exciting. 

The best way to feel confident about embarking on a new school year is by treating yourself to some new wardrobe picks. Fresh shoes, a fresh back pack and a fresh hoodie can do the magic to make you feel like a hundred bucks on your first day back to class. 

Here are the top 10 back to school must-haves from iEDM: 


10. Wolf Back Pack


The Wolf Back Pack is an essential to carry your books and notes. It can fit your new laptop and it's artistic. The colors are so vibrant that everyone will be asking where you got your dope bag. 



9. Dream Waves High-Top Sneakers


The Dream Waves Sneakers are cloudy color bursts on your feet. They will match all the cool colors and even have a matching hoodie if you want to take the term 'outfit on fleek' and make it yours. They are available in MENS SIZES HERE and WOMENS SIZES HERE



8. T-Rex Pocket Pal Sweatshirt 


Throw this comfortable sweatshirt on as a layer walking to class, you'll thank us later. Plus your adorable pocket pal friend will keep you company during those long lectures. 



7. Deep Dark Galaxy Zip-Up Hoodie


You are going to need a zip-up hoodie that matches everything to carry around for when it's cold in class. You can keep it in your locker or backpack as an easy layer. This black and white galaxy will go perfectly with any outfit combo. 



6. C2 T-Shirt & Joggers Outfit


This matching outfit will be cool for class, lounging or even a night out. The cool colors will never fade in the wash because we use sublimation printing to create these all over print designs. If you want to go the extra mile with your matching, then grab a C2 Backpack HERE. 



5. Galactic Valley Hoodie Dress


If you ever find yourself walking to class in the snow, then you will love a hoodie dress. Pair it with leggings and boots, and you are a stylish snow bunny who's ready to make the trek to class. 



 4. Eyecopi Crop Top & Leggings Combo


This hot combo is casual, but still chic. You can rock this artistic design to class then straight to yoga class. This vibrant watercolor design is an iEDM favorite that is also available as a Tapestry HERE to decorate those dorm walls. 



3. The Messenger Tapestry


Whether you're off to a college dorm room or staying in your current living situation, a little revamping of your decor will be good for feng sui. Blue is a calming color perfect for when you are studying for a big test. The tribal print makes for a great decor center piece. Check out more Tapestries HERE



2. King Of Lions Hoodie


Wake up and face each day feeling fierce and confident like a lion. Be king of you class and ace all your tests. No matter which region of the country you are going to school, a hoodie is an essential that will keep you warm and comfortable. 



1. Futurama T-Shirt 


The first day of school is always a little nerve wrecking. Walking into fresh new classes with so many fresh new faces can be intimidating but we all have to do it. But by the end of the year, you'll be hanging out and watching Futurama with your friends.


We wish everyone best of luck on their first day!

From dope backpacks to one of a kind all over print sneakers, we have new styles to make you feel confident and cool. 


iEDM has specially curated a Back To School Collection HERE for top picks to get you through a brand new year. 

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