Top 10 Bestselling Designs Perfect To Gift

| December 07, 2017

When we're shopping for the holidays (or any time of the year for that matter) we love having options. But sometimes too many options makes gifting for the special raver in our lives difficult.

We've made the whole headache of holiday shopping a lot easier with our list of our ten bestselling designs.

These are sure to please designs that come in a variety of styles, from tank tops to joggers to blankets, there is something for everyone. 


1. Haunting My Dreams

One of our all time bestsellers, our Haunting My Dreams design is one of the stars of our fan-favorite TV & Movies Collection. Gift your favorite raver with a throwback to the retro days of Gameboy Colors and (only) 151 Pokemon. 



2. Lush Galaxy

Celestial and galactic, our Lush Galaxy design is a beautiful tribute to the mysteries of outer space. Perfect for any festival outfit, or even to wear out and about, this design is a favorite in our Space Vibes Collection. Bring the vibes with you anywhere you go with one of the pieces from our Lush Galaxy design. 



3. Esoteric

Trippy, abstract and monochromatic, our Esoteric design is sure to turn heads when you walk by. Featuring white mandala patterns on a black background, this design is at once simple and complex. Available in many styles from a blanket to a hoodie to a tank top, you're sure to find something for the higher consciousness raver in your life. 



4. Owl Language

Our Owl Language design is colorful, artsy and features one of the most popular rave animals: an owl. The staple of Insomniac and EDC, our Owl Language design is a fan-favorite and is sure to bring a smile to the face of the raver who unwraps this gift. I personally wore this design to EDC and had no shortage of compliments. Who wants to twin? 



5. Dripping Space

Our Dripping Space design brings a fun and monochromatic look to a raving wardrobe. A little bit celestial and a little bit abstract, this design is playful and is sure to gain attention. Casual enough to wear off festival grounds and artsy enough to wear in the middle of the crowd, you can't go wrong with this popular design. 



6. Acid Pikachu

Another throwback to the golden 90's, our Acid Pikachu design brings a different kind of Pikachu to the game. Very trippy and very funny, this design is full of bright colors and a number of styles. From shorts to tank tops and tees, there is a style for every raver out there, Pokemon lover or not. 



7. Blue Galaxy

One of our brightest space looks, our Blue Galaxy design features a cool color palette of blues, purples and silvers that will immediately make you think of outer space. Bring the good vibes to your next show with one of the pieces from our Blue Galaxy design. One of our bestsellers for a good reason, you'll bring the mother nature look to your next event. 



8. Metatronic

Sacred geometry is one of the best designs to wear at a show and our Metatronic design features mind-bending lines and shapes that will have you spinning. Even with a simple set of colors, this design is so trippy you'll have people staring at your outfit for hours on end. Check out the wide variety of styles by clicking HERE



9. Astronaut Pals

Cute and fun, our Astronaut Pals look has the perfect design for twinning. You can match with your rave bae or your squad with this playful design. You'll be unique at your next show when you all roll in together showing off your friendship on your shirt. Check out our wide selection of styles in this design, perfect for squad-gifting. 



10. Unicorn Spew

Unicorns are the animal of 2017 and what better way to wrap up the year than by repping our Unicorn Spew design? Eye-catching and colorful, this mystical animal will get people laughing and complimenting all at the same time. With a rainbow of colors, you're sure to stand out wherever you go. 


Ready to shop? Check out a full list of our Rave Bestsellers HERE for looks that are versatile and sure to please! iEDM is here to help you with your Holiday shopping and for the perfect rave outfit. 

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Lindsey Moriyama

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