Top 10 Brand-New Bucket Hats: Dive Into A Diverse Selection Of Mesmerizing Designs

Bucket Hats

| December 03, 2023

Bucket hats are the ultimate rave accessory. They protect your head and face from the rain, harsh sun, and cold wind, and they provide a stylish complement to any outfit.

They are also lightweight and pliable enough to put into a backpack or pocket, and can even be used as a makeshift pouch. 

iEDM has assembled 10 of our top new bucket hats for you to elevate your wardrobe. With the holiday season in full swing, this is also your chance to gift your friends a bucket hat that they will carry with them for years to come. 

Check out iEDM’s Top 10 Brand-New Bucket Hats below.

10) Purple Mint Rave Zebra Stripe Bucket Hat 

Purple Mint Rave Zebra Stripe Bucket Hat

The purple and mint hues of this bucket hat create a refreshing vibe that will keep spirits high throughout any rave.

Elevate the look with a shirt and shorts combo in the same pattern for a go-to outfit any time of the year. 

Check out the Purple Mint Rave Zebra Stripe Bucket Hat HERE!


9) Black Lime Bolt Glitch Bucket Hat

Black Lime Bolt Glitch Bucket Hat

Name a more iconic color pairing than black and yellow. I'll start: black and lime.

There is something about the tinge of electricity in the lime hue that pops and makes this zebra print stand out.

Wearing the Black Lime Bolt Glitch Bucket Hat will make you stand out at any rave, allowing your friends to easily find you in the crowd. 

Check out the Black Lime Bolt Glitch Bucket Hat HERE!


8) I Come in Peace Bucket Hat 

I Come in Peace Bucket Hat

Sometimes you feel like an alien in an otherworldly environment when walking through a wave, the way the lights flash and the sound envelops you.

Make sure you are the friendly alien, ready to make friends, and spread good vibes with the I Come In Peace Bucket Hat.

To fully own the friendly alien persona, pick up the I Come In Peace Cloak.

Check out the I Come in Peace Bucket Hat HERE!

Click to check out the Raspberry Ice Tea Bucket Hat


7) Good Vibes Bucket Hat

Good Vibes Bucket Hat

Raves are all about the vibes and it is up to the people there to create the atmosphere with PLUR behavior and joyful actions.

Rock the Good Vibes Bucket Hat to show that you are there to have a great time and tap into the ecstatic fun of the figures dancing.

Check out the Good Vibes Bucket Hat HERE!


6) Enter the Matrix Bucket Hat

Enter the Matrix Bucket Hat


iEDM’s Enter the Matrix Bucket Hat features a kaleidoscopic riot of blues, greens, reds, and yellows.

The type of matrix you will be entering is bright and noisy, just like an electronic music festival. Think Electric Daisy Carnival or Electric Forest. If you are planning to go to either, make sure you pick up this hat.  

Check out the Enter the Matrix Bucket Hat HERE!




5) Enjoy the Views Bucket Hat

Enjoy the Views Bucket Hat

Even at a rave, a cat would find a way to steer clear of others by throwing on some headphones, and sunglasses, and blasting off to outer space.

The cat on the Enjoy the Views Bucket Hat is in another universe entirely, and if that resonates, you should grab this hat for your next show. 

Check out the Enjoy the Views Bucket Hat HERE!


4) Blacklight Weed Bucket Hat 

Blacklight Weed Bucket Hat

Most raves will feature clouds of smoke throughout the crowd as people get in the right headspace to enjoy the music. If that is your vibe, then the Blacklight Weed Bucket Hat can signal to others of a like mind that you are down to hang out.

The Blacklight Weed Bomber Jacket can take this look to the next level while keeping you warm at night. 

Check out the Blacklight Weed Bucket Hat HERE!

3) Brizmosphere Bucket Hat

Brizmosphere Bucket Hat

The good vibes of the '60s hippie movement have become a cultural touchstone and can be seen at every major music festival whenever a jam band comes on and starts riffing.

The Brizmosphere Bucket Hat captures this spirit with playful colors, peace symbols, and elegant illustrations. 

Check out the Brizmosphere Bucket Hat HERE!


2) Holographic Storm Bucket Hat

Holographic Storm Bucket Hat

The Holographic Storm Bucket Hat almost looks like armor and that's the role it will play for you if it starts to rain, gets dusty or windy, or the sun starts shining a bit too hard.

Bucket hats are more than just style, as they keep you safe and comfortable in rocky conditions. 

Check out the Holographic Storm Bucket Hat HERE!


1) Owl Bucket Hat

Owl Bucket Hat

Owls are wise, reflective creatures in pop culture. At raves, they can play the role of a guardian, making sure everyone's safe and the vibes are right. Even better if the owl comes with the gorgeous swirling background of iEDM's Owl Bucket Hat. 

Check out the Owl Bucket Hat HERE!


Photos courtesy of iEDM


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Joe is a writer based in Brooklyn, who resides with his wife and two chihuahuas. You can find him dancing most weekends at the Knockdown Center, Elsewhere, Good Room, Brooklyn Mirage, and other prominent house and techno venues. Joe is constantly searching for new artists who experiment with genre and is excited about the ways in which EDM is evolving.

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