Top 10 Brand-New Ugly Christmas Sweaters: BOGO 50% Off Across The Whole Collection

Ugly Christmas Sweater

| November 30, 2023

Get ready to jingle all the way into the festive season with our latest collection of Ugly Christmas Sweaters! This lineup is not only merry and bright but also BOGO 50% with the code SWEATERPARTY at checkout.

From quirky designs to hilarious holiday puns, these sweaters are the epitome of festive fashion. Whether you are gearing up for an ugly sweater party or spreading holiday cheer, our brand-new additions ensure you stand out in style.

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Brand-New Ugly Christmas Sweaters below.


Honorable Mention: Gingerbread Daze Ugly Sweater

Gingerbread Daze Ugly Sweater

Since there is another design with a similar comedic style, we had to choose one to be in our top 10. However, this fit was just too good to be left out. For all the Ganja (White Night) buds out there, this would be a great outfit to wear to their headlining performance at Decadence Colorado for NYE.

Check out the Gingerbread Daze Ugly Sweater HERE!


10) Bah Humbug Ugly Sweater

Bah Humbug Ugly Sweater

Stemming from the phrase coined by the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge, this outfit is truly one-of-one when it comes to the new additions. It is the only sweater boasting a cotton candy color scheme, making it a great gift for someone who loves pink, blue, or both.

Check out the Bah Humbug Ugly Sweater HERE!


9) FML Ugly Sweater

FML Ugly Sweater

The FML Ugly Sweater really encapsulates today's generation of kids and teenagers. This comedic outwear also features alternating rows of white Christmas trees and red stars in the background. It still has yet to be confirmed if Santa has an iPhone or Samsung.

Check out the FML Ugly Sweater HERE!


8) Taco Christmas Ugly Sweater

Taco Christmas Ugly Sweater

This sweater takes two of the most favorite things on the face of the planet and puts them together: tacos and Christmas. This joyful Chapo is wishing everyone who sees him a merry holiday in Spanish.

Check out the Taco Christmas Ugly Sweater HERE!


7) Santa Pimp Ugly Sweater

Santa Pimp Ugly Sweater

Santa is an absolute baller in this one. Repping a pair of meme-heavy shades and chiefing on a cigar, the goat Christmas legend is getting ready to call up his Ho's.

Check out the Santa Pimp Ugly Sweater HERE!


6) Mithletoe Ugly Sweater

Mithletoe Ugly Sweater

A meme inspired by champ Mike Tyson, the Mithletoe Ugly Sweater is a must-have for any boxing fan. With two boxing gloves beside him, Mike smiles brightly with his Santa hat on. As someone who had a speech pediment for over 10 years throughout my childhood, hopefully, it's enough grounds to say this fit is hilarious.

Check out the Mithletoe Ugly Sweater HERE!


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5) Emoji Christmas Ugly Sweater

Emoji Christmas Ugly Sweater

The Emoji Christmas Ugly Sweater is an awesome look for any age but would be a stellar gift for your kids, nephews, or nieces if you have any. A chaotic collage of various emojis decked out in Christmas gear, an angel emoji, a snowman, and reindeer ears all make an appearance.

Check out the Emoji Christmas Ugly Sweater HERE!


4) Beat Drop Ugly Sweater

Beat Drop Ugly Sweater

For the DJs and rising producers out there, or diehard electronic music fans, this is the optimal sweater to wear to your next holiday-themed warehouse rave. A scuba-suited DJ is killing it on the decks, while music notes and patterned speakers add a nice touch.

Check out the Beat Drop Ugly Sweater HERE!


3) Chrismizzle Ugly Sweater

Chrismizzle Ugly Sweater

Snoop D-O-double G is in the house this Christmas with iEDM's brand-new Chrismizzle Ugly Sweater! Watch as the veteran rapper smokes a J and drops bars in the most Snoop fashion imaginable. Instead of kissing under the mistletoe, you will be kissing under weed leaves.

Check out the Chrismizzle Ugly Sweater HERE!


2) Groot Christmas Ugly Sweater

Groot Christmas Ugly Sweater

Take one look at this adorable outfit and there is no refuting that it deserves to hold one of the top spots in this countdown. Everyone loves Baby Groot, and what's cuter than him being tangled up in a bunch of red, yellow, and blue Christmas lights?

Check out the Groot Christmas Ugly Sweater HERE!


1) The Office Ugly Sweater

The Office Ugly Sweater

Earning the #1 spot is the incredible duo of Michael Scott and Dwight Shrute. The Office is one of the most iconic comedic sitcoms of all time, and this sweater will likely follow in its footsteps. A super cool feature is the rows of symbols from the show's intro song, along with quotes from their Christmas edition episodes.

Check out The Office Ugly Sweater HERE!



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