Top 10 Bucket Hats and Bandanas To Rock At Splash House's Weekend Extravaganza

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| July 24, 2023

As the summer heat continues to sizzle everyone in Southern California, the vibes are at an all-time high. Whether you are pool side chillin’ with the rave fam or breaking it down solo on the dance floor, there is no need to worry about what accessories you need to stunt the perfect festival fit. iEDM is extremely prepared for this upcoming season of Splash House in Palm Springs.

It is time to start prepping for heaps of sick beats, from sensational Wax Motif on the decks of Saguaro Hotel to the epic after hours curated by Chris Lake. The last thing you need is a gnarly sun burn to remember the weekend; luckily, these stylish accessories will elevate your festival look and help you stay cool and protected throughout the weekend. We have narrowed down the top 10 accessories to rock at Splash House Weekend 2 and 3! 

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Bucket Hats and Bandanas To Rock At Splash House's Weekend Extravaganza below.

10) The Seed of God Bucket Hat 

The Seed of God Bucket Hat

To start off this epic summer-must have list, whether your vibe is comfy, vibrant, or in this case psychedelic madness. You can't go wrong in coping the vivid The Seed of God bucket hat with its one-of-a-kind patterns and eye-catching color palette with rainbow hues. This hat is bound to get you compliments around the poolside.

Check out iEDM's The Seed of God Bucket Hat HERE!


9) Vivid Warp Bandana

 Vivid Warp Bandana

If bright colors and flashy patterns aren't your thing, don't worry! We have the perfect piece that will match your vibe with the Vivid Warp Bandana. This dark purple vortex of circular patterns and swirls captivate your senses. The captivating geometric design attracts artistic creativity that can only add spice to your poolside suit. 

Check out iEDM's  Vivid Warp Bandana HERE!


8) Psychedelic Shrooms Bucket Hat

Psychedelic Shrooms Bucket Hat

The cutest little rainbow mushrooms can without a doubt be only found on the Psychedelic Shrooms Bucket Hat. All hail the trippy power with this insane multicolored enchanting mushroom stencil artwork. Embrace the singularity of this magical mushroom artwork with versatile uses like wearing in your hair, sun protection, and a cute accessory to have in your closet. 

Check out iEDM's Psychedelic Shrooms Bucket Hat HERE!





7) Royal Vision Bandana

Royal Vision Bandana


This swirly vortex of gold and royal blue transmits a depth of abstract-like depiction for our art fans. The Royal Vision Bandana is a blend of golden waves that creates a fusion of deep blue sound wave hues. If you are looking for an eye-popping bandana, this is one of the top choices on our lists to combo with your sunscreen.

Check out iEDM's Royal Vision Bandana HERE!


6) Enjoy the Views Bucket Hat

Enjoy the Views Bucket Hat

Bust a move with the cat with headphones that is clearly blasting, “Gimme Some Keys” by Matroda. Whether you are taking a dip in the pool and dancing to the latest Matroda hit, the wildest party animal will shine through. This fun design features a sunglass wearing cat blended with a colorful patterned digital sky, our Enjoy the Views hat is the talk of the party. 

Check out iEDM's Enjoy the Views Bucket Hat HERE!


5) Watercolor Dreams Bandana

Watercolor Dreams Bandana

We are feeling the summer goodness practically ooze out of the original Watercolor Dreams Bandana. This rainbow sherbet goodness looks so ethereal with the use of bright neon color with aqua, fuchsia, and yellow hues. This bandana swirls of colorful delight and will have you busting a move inside and out to whoever wears this unique design.  

Check out iEDM's Watercolor Dreams Bandana HERE!


4) Psychedelic Tribal Bucket Hat

Psychedelic Tribal Bucket Hat

Get down and funky with our Psychedelic Tribal Bucket Hat that will pair nicely with our matching trunks here! This geometric tribal display has a unique pattern of puzzle shape blocks of green, orange, and red hues. You can never go wrong with a statement pattern that has the right amount of BOLD. Plus you won't get lost in the crowd with this pattern making you stand out. 

Check out iEDM's Psychedelic Tribal Bucket Hat HERE! 


3) Smiling Daisies Bandana

Smiling Daisies Bandana

This trendy, joyful pattern has earned its place at the top of the list with its crazy pattern that will spice up any swimwear outfit. You can never go wrong with sunflower shaded daises entangled in a yellow and black 70s inspired swirls. The Smiling Daisies Bandana can be worn for any occasion from summer festival to morning hike with friends. Radiating brightness and flower power, you can keep as much shade as the smiling daisy with this essential piece! 

Check out iEDM's Smiling Daisies Bandana HERE! 


2) Cow Hide Print Rave Drip Bandana

Cow Hide Print Rave Drip Bandana



Moooovee to the beat of house sensation Chris Lake under the starry nights of the After Party. The Cow Hide Print Rave Drip Bandana is a sensational twist on the epic cow print pattern that can easily be paired with a matching pattern and cowboy inspired vibe. This design was made for the cowgirl lover at heart and hits the top choice for hitting the after party with. 

Check out iEDM's Cow Hide Print Rave Drip Bandana HERE!


1) Rainbow Love Bandana

Rainbow Love Bandana

Reaching the top of the list, we have the full summer power explosion for any music lover. This vibrant smile and rainbow implosion radiates pure joy and positivity. The Rainbow Love Bandana spreads the love of house music everywhere you go. Without a doubt, the P.L.U.R vibes will be throughout the group and whoever reps this awesome design! 

Check out iEDM's Rainbow Love Bandana HERE!


Photos courtesy of iEDM and our gorgeous fashionistas.


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