Top 10 Cozy Weather Essentials

| November 25, 2018

Temperatures are dipping and it’s time we stopped counting on global warming to keep us toasty in lieu of actual clothing. But don’t you worry child, we’re gonna get you ready for full hibernation mode with the comfiest styles and best of all, ensure you won’t get hypothermia in the upcoming months when you come out of the cave for a show.

From the ugliest sweaters to graphic onesies and glow fur - take your pick! Here are the top 10 cozy weather essentials, 


10. Cookie Etiquette Ugly Sweatshirt



Get your meme on in this Arthur’s Fist with a holiday twist sweatshirt.




9. Supp Succulent Joggers



It doesn’t get anymore millennial than succulents on a pair of joggers. Go get ‘em.




8. Almighty Pizza Onesie



Wear this onesie to the slumber party and finally convert all the non-believers to the one true deity based in cheese.




7. Light-up Fur Animal Hood




Hey, you might not be wearing pants to your next rave, but at least your ears won’t be getting frostbite in this baddie.




6. Grinch Unisex Hoodie



Screw the Christmas spirit. Ever since you caught your dad stashing “Santa’s” gifts in the closet, you’ve secretly been bitter. Lucky for you, being a grinch is the new in.




5. Lightning Rainbow Hoodies and Jogger Combo



You respect the popularity of the galaxy look, but can't stand being grouped as a basic. This is for you.




4. Christmas Tree Rick Ugly Sweatshirt


And on this season of doesn't-sound-familiar-at-all: an un-aired Rick and Morty holiday special where Rick turns himself into a Christmas tree to get out of going to therapy.




3. Oil Mosaic Unisex Zip-Up Hoodie



Genuinely kind of low-key relative to most of the other designs. 




2. Light Up Fur Boa


The fur hoods chiller younger cousin. Versatile in many ways; wear it as a scarf, a hat, a belt, a tail, share it with your fellow freezing ravers as you stand in that never-ending line for the show. Bonus: you could maybe get away with wearing this at the holiday function.



1. All the Fixins Onesie 



For every grinch in a friend group, there's an elf who's been blasting Christmas music in September and has custom-ordered their tree 4 months in advance. Get them this because they really want it. 



Baby, it’s cold outside! Chilly weather means we’re getting closer and closer to the holiday season. Stock up on festive gear and buy gifts for loved ones at iEDM’s Holiday Collection HERE.



Check out the iEDM Gift Guide HERE for ideas for your favorite ravers, your best friends and your loved ones. 




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Jessica Mao

Jessica Mao

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Her guilty pleasure is listening to The Chainsmokers circa 2015 and eating McDonalds cookies. She is a strong advocator of earplugs.

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