Top 10 Festival Outfit Essentials of 2020


| March 07, 2019

Like any year, we saw the good, the bad and the ugly in festival wear trends. Flower crowns have officially died (or we at least hope so) and the fanny pack has made a graceful re-debut into mainstream glory. Meanwhile, there are still a few headdress-wearers that don’t realize cultural appropriation isn’t cool anymore.

On the bright side, rave wear has not only grown increasingly stylish, but also diverse since the mega-PLUR days of the early 2000s, so you no longer have to show up to a festival looking like you got fully dipped in a pot of rainbow punk soup..or you totally still can...pssst, we appreciate all styles.

Whether you are rainbows and butterflies or an all black techno babe, iEDM is here with festival clothing picks for everyone. We have tons of festival clothing and accessory staples that really took the cake and are likely to stay essentials in the years to come.

Perfect to wear on their own and even better for mixing-n-matching - check out our picks for Top 10 Festival Outfit Essentials of 2020.


10. Pixel Pro LED Googles

We all know glasses, goggles and the bunch have quickly risen to be one of our most loved festival essentials and for all the reason. It’s the easiest, most fool-proof way to instantly make your rave outfit better, no matter how non-existent it is. These glasses ARE your outfit, not to mention your face will basically provide a light party to both you and everyone within your vicinity. Get ready to make a lot of friends.

Get your pair of Pixel Pro LED Goggles HERE




9. Colorful Hoodies

Hoodies are an all-time essential to well...LIFE. And clearly, a festival calls for your craziest, most colorful hoodies. iEDM has hoodies that will never crack or fade in the wash because of the high-quality material and our all over sublimation printing technique. 

Browse our selection of colorful Hoodies HERE

Or check out our Zip-Up Hoodie Collection HERE




8. Light Up Hoodies

The light-up hoodie is for those making the foray into glow wear. Great as a tasteful hoodie upgrade that says “hey, I’m PLUR too” without shoving it down everyone’s throat. Also, awesome for stealing the outfit spotlight once the sun goes down and being awarded best dressed at the festival from sundown to closing. All you need is light up shoes to match. 

Find your LED Light Up Hoodie HERE




 7. Joggers

Going to a camping festival? This is your calling. Getting down and dirty? Also, your calling. Trying to avoid mosquito bites? Not 100% guaranteed. In all seriousness, joggers are the real winners. Comfortable, stylish and socially acceptable, these are glorified sweatpants that look awesome for any occasion. 

Browse our selection of Joggers HERE




6. Rave Rompers

Rave rompers also know as bodysuits have consistently remained a hot essential because of the numerous looks you can achieve with them. Wear them alone as a simple one-piece, pair it with a floor-length kimono or a fur shrug, or fix a tutu over it. Different, interesting cut-outs make for unique outfits too. Even simple, solid color bodysuits make it look like you've put in effort with one simple outfit pick. 

Find your perfect new Bodysuit HERE




5. Light Up Sneakers

Guaranteed way to jazz up any festival outfit. More importantly, a necessity for any shufflers out there who are gonna put in some footwork at those late-night sets. Overall, real fun.

Light up the dance floor in new LED Shoes HERE




4. Crop Tops

Crop tops are SO SO versatile and we have so many styles to choose from. The perfect in between to a rave bra and a t-shirt. Our crop tops are good for showing some skin, but not all of it. Paired with leggings or booty shorts, you can move and shake and still feel comfortable and cool.  

Browse all our Crop Top Designs HERE




3. Booty Shorts 

Booty shorts are never going out of style and you can fight me on this. The booty short are everyone’s best friend. They show off what your mama gave ya and are so fun and easy to dance in. 

Bounce on the dance floor in a new pair of Booty Shorts HERE




2. Trippy Shirts

We’ve seen a gradual aesthetic progression from neon colors to psychedelic patterns in rave fashion and we are so thankful. The selections of trippy shirts are endless, easy-to-wear, unisex and most of all, key to building a great festival outfit. From hilarious cartoon picks to galactic renditions, iEDM has sooo many festival shirts to choose from. 

Browse all our Premium Festival T-Shirts HERE




1. Hydration Packs

Hydration packs have been an essential, and will always be an essential. They are crucial for not losing your belongings, making your hands free for dancing and easily holding a sufficient amount of water to get you threw the night. Hydration is the key to partying and dancing all night long. 

Find your new Hydration Backpack HERE



Get psyched for all the 2020 festival lineups and start planning your next festival outfit with us. Express your unique style and find something you love with iEDM’s Festival Collection HERE.


Ultra is just around the corner, so visit our curated collection for Ultra Music Festival HERE or check out 10 Outfit Must-Haves for Ultra 2020 HERE


If you are headed to Coachella, browse the Coachella Collection HERE

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