Top 10 Jungle-Themed Fits To Wear To Deep Tropics Festival 2023

Deep Tropics Festival

| July 19, 2023

Travel into the unknown on a wild fashion adventure as we present the top 10 jungle-themed fits to rock at Nashville's Deep Tropics 2023. This immersive festival experience calls for outfits that channel the untamed spirit of the jungle, while keeping you cool and comfortable.

From animal prints that mimic the vibrant patterns of exotic creatures to earthy flora-based tones that blend seamlessly with their lush surroundings, these curated ensembles will ensure you stand out amidst the foliage. Whether you're dancing under the canopy of trees or exploring hidden paths, these Amazon-inspired outfits will make you feel one with nature while looking effortlessly stylish.  

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Jungle-Themed Fits To Wear To Deep Tropics Festival 2023 below.


10) Junglist Holo Weekend Shorts

Junglist Holo Weekend Shorts

Reign in the true spirit of the jungle with these flora-centric weekend shorts. Layered with illuminated vegetation, this fit is the prime option to get down and dirty with during TroyBoi's set at the Lotus Stage. There is also a wide selection of other apparel featuring this design that can be found here.

Check out iEDM’s Junglist Holo Weekend Shorts HERE!


9) Jungle Rainbow High-Waisted Women's Shorts

Jungle Rainbow High-Waisted Women's Shorts

Beyond this euphoric bottom-wear, the entire Jungle Rainbow collection will have you looking stylish all weekend long at Deep Tropics. The black, zebra-esque stripes complements the seamless blend of rainbow across the print. You can wear these versatile high-waisted shorts at a festival or the gym!

Check out iEDM’s Jungle Rainbow High-Waisted Women's Shorts HERE!


8) No Love In The Jungle T-Shirt

No Love In The Jungle T-Shirt

Despite the name of this t-shirt, you are sure to be getting a ton of love and making new friends when repping this dope graphic. A massive, jungle-looking plant looms over the smaller leaves in the background. Flashes of bright yellow and pink can be seen throughout.

Check out iEDM’s No Love In The Jungle T-Shirt HERE!


7) Tropical Black Flamingos Muscle Tank

Tropical Black Flamingos Muscle Tank

If you are going for a very tribal and exotic look, then iEDM's Tropical Black Flamingos Muscle Tank is the go-to option for you! The glowing gold background creates a sense of balance with the mixture of leaf and flamingo silhouettes. It’s a great fit to jam out in during an airy house set, by the likes of Hayden James and Eli & Fur.

Check out iEDM’s Tropical Black Flamingos Muscle Tank HERE!


6) Fluorescent Jungle Crop Top and Leggings Combo

Fluorescent Jungle Crop Top and Leggings Combo

At the intersection of the jungle and florescent fantasy lies this incredible outfit. Turn heads and receive praise from your fellow ravers nonstop when shuffling around in this luscious crop top and leggings duo. There is plenty of additional apparel that boasts this neon gem of a design as well.

Check out iEDM’s Fluorescent Jungle Crop Top and Leggings Combo HERE!


5) The Mighty Jungle Hoodie

The Mighty Jungle

“Hakuna Matata!” The Mighty Jungle Hoodie comes with no worries. Bump to your favorite artists when the sun goes does Deep Tropics stress-free while wearing this vintage sweatshirt. The neon-lit sky and silhouetted Lion King cast carries a heavy sensation of nostalgia.

Check out iEDM’s The Mighty Jungle Hoodie HERE!


4) Deep Jungle T-Shirt

Deep Jungle T-Shirt

Featuring a vibrant toucan, this jungle-themed tee is vital to go to Deep Tropics in. The two are like bread and butter; just picture yourself vibing out to the experimental bass of Khiva and Ravenscoon in this fit. Packed with an assortment of vivid pigments, iEDM's Deep Jungle T-Shirt will have you soaring to new heights.

Check out iEDM’s Deep Jungle T-Shirt HERE!





3) Jewel Giraffe Spots Bucket Hat

Jewel Giraffe Spots Bucket Hat

Take one glance at this miraculous bucket hat and it is clear that it will be able to complement any outfit. Encompassing a variety of warm and cool-colored giraffe spots, this design is a solid choice for multiple occasions, from Deep Tropics to an outback safari. iEDM's bucket hat collection is flexible and stretches to fit your head in a one-size-fits-all manner.

Check out iEDM’s Jewel Giraffe Spots Bucket Hat HERE!


2) Tropical Sunset Muscle Tank

Tropical Sunset Muscle Tank

Radiating an aura that soothes the mind and relaxes the body, this Tropical Sunset graphic was crafted with the purpose to take its beholder to a tropical paradise. In this case, Deep Tropics is that paradise, equally mesmerizing as the design with its audio and visual production. The calm layering of waves and silhouetted palm trees and islands come together in harmony.

Check out iEDM’s Tropical Sunset Muscle Tank HERE!


1) Junglist Tank And Shorts Combo

Junglist Tank And Shorts Combo

It is inevitable that the best outfit for Deep Tropics is one that is most reflective of the jungle. A chaotic fusion of bright green flora, iEDM's Junglist Tank And Shorts is a lethal combo. Be careful, you might get be camouflaged with the scenery at the festival to the extent that your rave fam will lose sight of you.

Check out iEDM’s Junglist Tank And Shorts Combo HERE!



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