Top 10 Most Memorable Acts Of Electric Forest 2018

| July 07, 2018

Electric Forest has a way of captivating and leaving attendees in awe like no other festival. Forest family from across the world came together to celebrate love, living in the moment, and of course quality music.

The otherworldly atmosphere was elevated by even more otherworldly music from some of the greatest artists in the game. We know there was an endless amount of amazing sets all weekend but a few in particular completely blew us away.

So if you’re eager for a stroll down memory lane, here are our picks for the most memorable acts Electric Forest 2018!


1. Bassnectar

Bassnectar has a rich history at Electric Forest as he is one of its only resident artists and has played there for over 10 years. Out of all the magic he has brought to the forest over the years, this was easily one of his most melodic and emotive performances there. He set a blissful tone for the night with his signature ‘Where is My Mind’ opener and continued to elevate the vibes with tracks such as ‘I Am a Laser’ and ‘Egyptian Horns.’ Speaking of lasers, the lasers and visuals were some of the most vivid ones I’ve ever seen and watching them dance on the trees and night sky was surreal. To top it all off he ended the set debuting the brand-new track with Gnar Gnar ‘Whiplash’ from his upcoming ‘Reflective Part 3’ EP. It can only be described as pure insanity and is one of the heaviest tracks he has produced over the last few years.



2. G Jones

G Jones is one of the most highly respected producers around and it is easy to see why from the way his authenticity radiated in his performance. He commanded the crowd nonstop with heartfelt music that was amplified with mind melting visuals. G Jones recently finished his new album and debuted a few tracks here and it from the sound of it, this is some of his most passionate music yet. He recently tweeted that the album is “a massive level up from everything I’ve been doing up to this point artistically and on a production level.” After this set cannot wait to see what else he in store for his next chapter!



3. Mersiv 

Mersiv is a breakout Colorado based producer that is capturing the attention of electronic music fans across the country. He played sets at the Grand Artique and Silent Disco that were both filled with foresters enthralled by his experimental style. The online community was abuzz afterward talking about his raw talent and potential. With all the success and he has had lately, don’t be surprised if he is recognized as one of the top producers in the coming years.



4. Clozee

Sherwood Court felt like a fairytale when Clozee filled it with her magical sound. Her exotic style paired perfectly with the gorgeous nature of the forest and the audience appreciated every moment. Her soulful music draws influence from a variety of cultures around the world making it an enriching experience for everyone. As I looked around at everyone’s smiling faces at this set I was reminded of what Electric Forest is all about – connecting with one another through music that breaks boundaries.



5. Space Jesus

Space Jesus’ Jubilee set was packed to the brim with attendees eager to get a taste of his unearthly sound. Every year I’ve seen him play at this festival his audience is always expanding and they can never seem to get enough of this fierce innovator. He played fan favorites such as ‘Space Jam’ as well as his new collaborations with Digital Ethos from their new ‘Mars EP.’ My personal favorite moment was watching everyone lose their minds and headbang in unison to ‘This is a Signal.’ Although his set at Jubilee was amazing, the highlight of my night was watching him play back to back with Louis the Child at an RV after party.



6. Jade Cicada

When I first heard Jade Cicada I felt like he was a figment of my imagination because of how brilliantly talented he is. He has made his mark in the music scene in a relatively short amount of time and even legends such as Tipper and Bassnectar recognize his genius. He took us on an ethereal voyage at the Forest stage with his rhythmic yet bass heavy sound. He played many gems like ‘Lost Again’ and unreleased tracks from his project Wonky Llama. The dreamy sunset along with the hypnotic visuals made the experience that much more meaningful and unforgettable.



7. Aqueous

Aqueous is a New York based jam band whose uplifting music has resonated with fans around the world. This is because they are not your typical jam band and are constantly experimenting and drawing influences from various music genres. They were the perfect fit for the sandy beach vibes and warm sunshine of The Observatory. The band radiated happiness and positivity the entire time and impressed us all with astonishing guitar solos.



8. Griz Live Band

A trip to Electric Forest doesn’t feel complete without catching at least one Griz set. Griz live band closed out Ranch Arena Saturday night with one of the highest energy sets I’ve seen from them. They have a special way of engaging the crowd and filling them with love and acceptance. Some of the most memorable moments include when they played their timeless songs ‘Can’t Hold Me Down’, ‘Hard Times’, and ‘Headspace’. Griz also played an DJ set at an RV party later that night which had many freestyle elements to it. It just goes to show how multitalented he is.



9. Noisia

Drum and Bass gods Noisia threw the one of the best sets I saw at Tripolee all weekend. This was their first time playing the festival since 2013 so they went all out for their performance. Seeing their untouchable mixing skills live for the first time was an experience I will never forget. The breakbeat packed show kept everyone engaged and stood out as there weren’t many acts there with that style. One noteworthy moment was when they dropped “Tentacles” and the whole crowd went wild.



10. The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob had everyone vibing and feeding off the energy of their performance. The breathtaking show featured a gorgeous sunset backdrop and a massive audience that appreciated their distinct glitch-funk style. The Los Angeles based group was of the most highly anticipated acts and all the elements of the set along with their individual talents came together to create something truly extraordinary.


Choosing just 10 was nearly impossible, but those are our picks! Some honorable mentions are Chromeo, Emancipator and Zhu. No matter what acts your caught at Forest, you were sure to have a great time because they have the best line ups year after year. 

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